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Week 1: Tulips


This week it is an image of tulips in the Spring sunshine. 

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  1. Noah Woodger (Apple class)

    I don’t like flowers but my dog does. Her name is Luna. If Luna saw all these flowers she would either jump on them or eat them. My nanny likes daffodils. I think she likes them because she lives in Wales.

  2. Rhyver Pukas Esson

    The bright yellow daffodils were swaying in the breezy wind as the birds were chirping. The buzzing bees were flying around carefully landing on the beautiful flowers as the sun was shining brightly.

    1. Oliver Riley

      The daffodils are as yellow as the beaming sun near the woodland glade. No sound can be heard except the winds gentle breeze and the butterflies as light as feather gently gliding by. The majestic flowers are beautiful to look at when the suns shines down on them.

  3. savannah ridgway

    it’s finally spring enjoy the weather.

    Easter’s coming fills me up with excitement.

    Rows of bright,rainbow flowers make you feel proud of are lovely and beautiful environment.
    butterflies, sun ,insects it’s all so much fun.
    springs now over and now it’s summer we can go to the beech the enjoy waves, eat ice cream best of all make some make sand castles all fun stuff take a holiday you can do anything and do and do it again and again year after year
    in till you find something else to do.
    share you happiness with all your family and friends.
    by Savannah Ridgway

  4. savannah ridgway

    I like daffodils because of the golden bright yellow and they remined me of summer and spring an also you can se the them from miles away

    by savannah ridgway

  5. Dexter Parker

    These flowers are not daffodils, well some people say they are not. They are tulips. Their strong stem holds the tulips up in the sunshine and their bright petals attracts the bees.

  6. Isabel Martin

    I like daffodils because yellow is a nice colour. It also matches my hair. I picked some on a walk for my mum on Mother’s Day.

  7. Noah Whitby

    Daffodils are the colour yellow. Daffodils are the same colour as sunshine. Daffodils are popping up everywhere around the country. When I look at the daffodils they make me smile and feel happy.

  8. Eli Whitby-Yew Class

    I like the flowers because they are yellow and pretty. The daffodil is an important symbol of Wales. I will find fields of daffodils from all around.

  9. Jamie Sapsed

    The bright, golden daffodils swayed in the luscious spring breeze. Humming birds humming, birds chirping, bees buzzing and butterflies feeding off the daffodils with golden rays of sun shining down on the meadow.

  10. Skye Kirk

    The golden yellow flowers spouting out in the glistening sun.The dream like garden has every type of flower you will ever need. Daffodils, roses, tulips, daisy s and much more. The dream flower is this one offcorse! The best part about this flower is that it shines in the sunlight. While the rest of the flowers are being picked in other peoples gardens when the children come out to play this flower sways in the beautiful forest where no one goes because of their flower full gardens with the roses, tulips and daffodils but have the citizens of the world noticed the glistening Queen of the forest. Maby they have maby they haven’t and if they haven`t then maybe they never will.

  11. Phoebe – Yew Class

    Tulips are normally found in a forest but you could buy them at a garden centre. Tulips are yellow with a green thing called stems.I love tulips.

  12. Year 3 – Silver Birth

    Daffodils in the farm are as bright as the sun.The daffodils in the fields are as yellow as the silky sand. Daffodils every where are as beautiful as you and me.

  13. Ethan Brown (Yr5 Elm)

    They brighten up my day like my mum does. I like looking at them because they’re yellow which is my second favourite colour. I also like the trees in the back ground becuase they’re long and tall and i like trees that are tall. when you look at them its like looking in the sun because there so bright! The bees buzz around the flowers inspecting each induvidual one so carefully you could watch it all day.

  14. Ollie Lansley

    Daffodils are as bright as the sun. Daffodils come up from the ground in the spring time. My Mum’s dog used to walk through the daffodils and squash them.

  15. Kayla Thornhill Year 4

    Spring is finally here. Flowers are growing all around us. The sun is shining & looking down at the beautiful tulips as they begin to flower, making the world brighter & a much happier place

  16. Amelia H (Apple Class)

    Beautiful nice tulips sprout in a greenery area. It is a beautiful sight to see. The sun shines through the gaps between the tulips like summer. Pretty butterflies fly round the yellow petals to collect nectar.

5 thoughts on “Week 1: Tulips

  1. Toby Boylan year 4

    The flowers are very beautiful and are bright yellow. The stems are green and long with fat leaves. Sky looks blue and flowers are dancing in the sun!

  2. Craig Apple class

    In the foreground daffodils had been plated, ahhh cute. The daffodils are bright yellow like the shining sun. Trees are waving in the bright sun.

  3. Chloe (Year 1)

    The stem is really long. The flowers are beautiful also the trees are very tall, they go off the picture!
    Bees will like those flowers.

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