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Physical Education (P.E)


The intent of our Meadowside PE curriculum is to shape children that:

·         Have a lifelong love and enjoyment of physical activity whilst leading a healthy active lifestyle.

·          Develop the knowledge, skills and capabilities necessary for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing for the present and in the future.

·         Demonstrate our sporting values; Determination, honesty, passion, respect, self-belief and teamwork which are fundamental life skills to develop through PE. 


Teaching of PE at Meadowside aims to enable children to practise skills in a range of different activities and situations, alone, in small groups and in teams and apply skills in chosen activities. We aim to foster positive attitudes and the ability to make informed choices about engaging in sport supported by the knowledge of how to evaluate their own success.

For each subject, we use an aspirational Golden Thread statement that is important to our school vision and values at Meadowside. We have considered how each subject can help the children in their journey to secondary school and beyond.

Our Meadowside Golden Thread for PE is to be active, healthy individuals who develop fundamental life skills through PE.

P.E National curriculum


At Meadowside PE is an area of learning in its own right but integrated where possible with other curriculum areas. Pupils participate in twice weekly, high quality PE and sporting activities, teaching so children experience success and have fun. Our scheme of work incorporates a variety of sports to ensure all children develop the confidence, whilst providing opportunities for all children to engage. It is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also wellbeing. We use the Lancashire Scheme as a starting point for our lesson planning, but we encourage staff to adapt the planning to the needs of their class, making our provision inclusive. In addition to this we provide swimming lessons at a local pool for KS2 children. 

We provide opportunities for children and staff to work alongside experts in their fields (Rugby, Cricket, etc) and learn from their work ethic and demonstrations of good practice. 

We hold a variety of whole school sporting events throughout the year. We hold a sports morning– covering traditional sporting activities with a main focus on participation, but with an element of competition. We also encourage our children to set up and run whole school sporting events linked to National/ International sporting events (Cricket World Cup, Football World Cup, and Olympics etc). We also hold a competitive whole school cross country event each September. 

As well as whole school events, each class holds their own termly house sporting competition, based upon skills they have been developing in that term. With a focus on: teamwork, competition and leadership. 

We subscribe to the services of the Gloucester School Sports Network, who support us with in school CPD and by providing a wide range of sporting competitions and opportunities, allowing us to increase the % of children who represent Meadowside at sporting events. In addition to this, we are active members of the Quedgeley Learning Community and regularly attend and host sporting events and share good practice.  Part of this provision is dedicated to making our provision of physical activity inclusive. 


At Meadowside, we provide a wide variety of sports clubs lead by school staff and visiting professionals, encouraging children to become more active. 


We understand the importance of an active lifestyle and try to incorporate a range of physical activity throughout a school day. With the recent introduction of Maths of the day pupils are able to improve their attainment and attitude towards maths through active lessons. Classes also all include some of the following active elements: ‘Daily’ mile, Wake and Shake, Morning Games, Go Noodle and active elements within lessons. 


Throughout KS2 we provide the opportunity for children to take part in residential. The Y4 residential provides some OAA opportunities and whilst on the Y6 residential children undertake a series of physical and challenging activities including: high ropes, water sports and team building sessions.  


Meadowside has created an ‘Active Ambassadors’ group. This is an opportunity for children to share their views of PE and active initiatives at Meadowside and make suggestions for the future. We also celebrate inspiring sporting personalities with the school: these can be nominated by staff or children with the intention of highlighting life skills such as resilience, perseverance etc. 


Children in KS2 are invited to apply to become a Play Maker, to take on the role of active leadership of physical activity during play and lunchtimes. 


Staff at Meadowside try to identify our children who are ‘Least Active’ and then provide some suitable opportunities in an attempt to increase their participation levels. This can vary from opportunities to experience new sports whilst representing school, or providing a designated after school club with local experts. 

All of these initiatives are designed to secure and build on a range of skills whilst developing positive sporting attitudes to have a foundation for lifelong physical activity.



Our curriculum is well thought out and is planned to demonstrate progression. In all classes children have a wide range of physical ability. Whilst recognising this fact, we provide suitable learning opportunities for all children. By doing so, we raise pupil’s health and fitness levels, improve skills and develop resilience, teamwork and perseverance. We regularly celebrate sporting achievements in assembly and our school teams have been successful in local competition. 

The tracking of sporting involvement of pupils enables us to target individuals to ensure that all children are provided with appropriate opportunities. At Meadowside we have seen an increase in the number of children actively involved in sporting opportunities and being given the opportunity to represent school. 

Pupil voice has shown that children can talk confidently and enthusiastically about their PE learning and opportunities. Monitoring opportunities within school show that children enjoy a wide range of sporting opportunities and are developing positive attitudes towards physical activity. Pupils recognise the importance of physical activity within a healthy life style. 


The children are assessed throughout the year by their class teacher, based on the work being produced in class. Three times a year, the PE subject leader will hold a pupil voice session to moderate the assessment judgements made by the class teacher. This gives our subject leader the chance to see strengths and areas for development in the teaching and learning of PE at Meadowside.

How can I support my child with PE?

Staying active and keeping fit does not always require equipment or resources. Try to stay active by:

·         go for a walk, jog, run or bike ride.

·         play catch or ball games in the garden or park

·         create treasure hunts around the house, garden or local area

·         build a den

·         borrow a dog and go for a walk

·         visit your local park

·         join a local team or club

·         go swimming

·         Just dance

·         go for a wildlife spotting walk

Also remember that it is important to eat healthily- try to learn about nutrition – and remember to always stay hydrated!


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