Making a difference
for our future

Key Stage 2

Year 3 - Apple

Year 3 includes children from 7-8 years of age. We are encouraging children to become more independent learners developing a positive approach to all aspects of school life. We plan a creative curriculum and include a variety of trips and real-life experiences. We host amazing topic days, for example, on an an Anglo-Saxon day children and staff dressed in costume, tasted different foods that the Anglo-Saxons would have eaten, and even had an Archery Contest. Other exciting Year 3 topics include ‘Who can be a ROCK star?’ And ‘REALLY Revolting’.

The Year 3 teachers are Mrs Parker (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Bouvier (Thursday – Friday).

Mrs Parker
Mrs Parker joined us in 2011. She is the art and design technology subject lead and a member of the curriculum team.

“The family atmosphere at Meadowside makes it a pleasure to come in every day. The enthusiastic and dedicated attitudes of the children inspire all of us and I love my job!”

Mrs Bouvier

Mrs Bouvier joined the school in 2001 and is our PE coordinator. She is also the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) coordinator and is an essential part of developing maths at our school through her role in the Maths Team.

“I love my job and working at Meadowside , a school where learning is fun and we can offer children a wealth of experience. We all work together as a team to find new ways of making learning exciting and stimulating. Its a great place to be!”

Year 4 - Silver Birch

Year 4 includes children from 8-9 years of age. They build on their previous skills, knowledge and understanding and, by the end of the year, are ready to move on to the final phase of their Primary School life. Year 4 is a special year because the children have their first opportunity to take part in a residential visit, enjoying  three days of activities in a new environment. This has been a successful venture for several years, which the children have enjoyed immensely. They gain confidence and independence through new experiences and teamwork.

Mr Mayne

The Year 4 teacher is Mr Mayne, who joined us in 2005. Mr Mayne is the PSHE and History subject lead. He is also a member of the maths team. 

“Meadowside is a very special family. It is a safe and happy place where we share, learn and grow together.”

Year 3 and 4 Support Staff

Mrs Smith

The Year 3 and 4 Team are ably supported by Mrs Smith, a professionally qualified Teaching Assistant who joined Meadowside in 2001. She enjoys life at Meadowside and is particularly passionate about the school choir.

“Our School really helps the children understand the difference they can make to improve our local environment as well as the wider world.”

Miss Visaranta

The year 3 and 4 team are also ably supported by Miss Visaranta, a professionally qualified Teaching Assistant who joined Meadowside in September 2015. Miss Visaranta works 1:1, or in very small groups across Key Stage 1. If something arty has gone up in school, you can be sure Miss Visaranta is behind it! We are very lucky to have such a talented member of our team on board!

“Hello everyone! I’m pleased to be working at Meadowside Primary School. I live local to the area and my main passion is creativity.”

Year 5 - Beech

Year 5 includes children in the age range from 9-10 years old. At this stage our primary role is to encourage children to take greater ownership of their learning and to increase their independence. This goal is achieved within a happy and secure environment in preparation for entry to Year 6. Highlights of Year 5 are the opportunity to embrace topic work in all subjects and the chance to become Play Rangers who help younger members of our school with games and other playtime activities.

Mrs Rowntree teachers Monday – Tuesday and Mr Port teachers Wednesday – Friday.

Mrs Rowntree

First up is Mrs Rowntree. She has been at Meadowside since 2004. She is a member of the Senior Leadership Team,  maths subject leader, R.E subject leader and part of the assessment team. Mrs Rowntree’s knowledge of maths is incredible and her expertise and enthusiasm for the subject has created a positive feeling about maths at Meadowside. 

“I love being part of the Meadowside family. The staff and children are enthusiastic and the desire to learn new things is strong. This means I look forward to coming to work!”

Mr Port

Mr Port, who is the Deputy Head and has been with the school since 2008, coordinates the girls’ and boys’ football and cricket teams, is the Computing subject leader and is part of the maths and Senior Leadership Team.

“I love my job and working at Meadowside with such fantastic children and adults is a privilege. Working with the children to achieve their goal and having fun along the way is my ethos!”

Year 6 - Elm

Year 6 covers children in the age range from 10 – 11. At this stage much of the work integrates preparation for the children in their journey to senior schools. End of Key Stage 2 SATs occur in May. Highlights of Year 6 include the three day residential and the Year 6 production at the end of the year. We approach topic work with great enthusiasm and encourage the children to be creative as possible, across the whole curriculum.

The Year 6 teachers are Mrs Davies (Monday – Wednesday) and Mrs Whitlock (Thursday – Friday)


Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies joined us in 2014 and has built up a wealth of experience across all classes. Mrs Davies has and excellent sense of humour and a passion for pets: Arthur the tortoise is a current resident in the classroom! She works Monday – Wednesday in Year 6.

Mrs Whitlock

Mrs Whitlock, Year 6 teacher and our Head of Inclusion, joined Meadowside in 2008. She has taught across all year groups during this time, from Reception to Year 6! This makes her experience and skills set perfect for this incredibly important role at Meadowside. 

“I look forward to coming to work! Meadowside is a special place where we care for one another and always seek to draw out talent from each and every individual. We are a happy smiley school.”

Read more about Mrs Whitlock’s role as Head of Inclusion here.


Year 5 and 6 Support Staff

Mrs Joyner

Mr Mayne is exceptionally well supported by Mrs Joyner who joined Meadowside in 2000 and is a professionally qualified Teaching Assistant. Mrs Joyner participates in the English Team and helps lead Religious Education at our School. 

“I enjoy working at Meadowside. My role is very rewarding and diverse – no two days are the same! It is a pleasure to be part of the Meadowside family.”

Mrs Drummond

The team are also very ably assisted by Mrs Drummond, a professionally qualified Teaching Assistant. She is currently studying for her higher level teaching assitant qualification as well as recently completing her Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification. Mrs Drummond joined Meadowside in 2010.

“It’s great to work with a really dedicated team of staff. I enjoy helping, playing and teaching all the children who attend Meadowside.”

Mrs Hopwood

Mrs Hopwood joined Meadowside in March 2018. She works in 1:1 support and although she has only been at Meadowside a short while, she has had a very positive impact. She is full of energy and we all think she is fab!

“Meadowside is a truly inspirational school and I arrive each morning with a smile on my face!  The pupils are enthusiastic about their learning and the staff team are incredibly supportive and caring and passionate about doing their best for all pupils.  My passion is helping those pupils who need just a little bit extra support during the school day.”