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Week 2: The Tunnel

Welcome to the Writing Hub!

Each week, we will post a piece of text, an image or a video for you to respond to. You can record your writing in the comments section below or write it in your English book. These tasks are designed for the whole school to have a go at. If you find writing tricky, then ask a grown up to help you sound it out. You can download a sound mat from Twinkl for free; just use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and search ‘sound mat’. 

This week it is an image of a strange looking tunnel. This is how the story begins…

Sophie was walking through the woods, enjoying the crunching and snapping sound of dry twigs and leaves as she went. All of a sudden she noticed some strange branches on the path in front. It looked like some sort of tunnel. Creeping carefully, she approached the first loop of branches. She tossed a stick through the gap. It completely disappeared! 

Your task is to continue the story for another paragraph. 

57 thoughts on “Week 2: The Tunnel

  1. Beth Meadows

    Thinking in her mind “I should go in and see what just happened” she thought. As she stepped into this magical place she felt someone put something into her hand. She raised her hand and was shocked what she saw. There was a purple rock, stuck on her hand! Sophie yelled “What is this!” A man creeped from behind the tree, he whispered her name. Sophie couldn’t hear anything she was to focused looking around this strange place. The man, who was dressed all in black, walked closer and closer until she knew something was behind her…

    1. Dan Port Post author

      Wow! Well done, Beth. This is spine-tingling. I love how you have used suspense through your vocabulary and different sentence lengths to leave me on a cliff-hanger! Awesome work. Mr Port

  2. Daisy Smith

    Sophie gasped. How was this even possible? Then, she puzzled for a few seconds. Sophie decided to try and propel another branch into the unknown, before wondering if there could be a flip-side to the world she called home. Suddenly, she had flash backs of last Sunday. Sophie was cycling her bike along her usual route (like she always did), but she was seeking something mysterious. She thought that something was rattling in the overgrown bushes beside her. Sophie realised she was not alone. She cycled all the way back to her home town. Sophie told her parents, but they said,’It’s just your imagination. Your’e only 12.’ But Sophie knew different.

    1. Port Post author

      Hi Daisy! I love how you started with a reaction from Sophie, followed by a rhetorical question. Unusual sounds and her parents disagreeing with her makes for an exciting and nervous read! Well done. You’re awesome. Mr Port

    2. Mrs Whitlock

      Wow! This really caught my interest. I love the varied sentence lengths which adds to an effect as well as some powerful verbs that capture the movements. Smashed it Daisy! So proud of you. Mrs Whitlock x

  3. emma y5

    She looked amazed but felt mostly scared! She thought to herself, what would happen if she went through!? Sophie had a flying carpet of ideas in her head. Where would she go? How would she get back? But, Sophie dare not risk it!

    1. Helen Iles

      Hi Emma. I love the “flying carpet of ideas” which you mentioned. Where would she go indeed? Perhaps she will tumble into another world, hidden underneath mossy logs and brittle leaves. Or maybe she will find herself spinning away into a storm, flying on the wind to the depths of dark forest.

  4. Jamie Hebbron

    She thought to herself what should I do she suddenly heard the sound of a stick break behind her. She was horrified and froze still and didn’t know what to do she wanted to run away but the temptation of walking into the twigs overcame her and she desided to run into the sticks,she found herself in a different dimension and their on the flaw she saw the twig she lost. Suddenly she heard her name being called in the background of all the other noises she heard. She moved forward slowly, and suddenly saw the dark sky but lit up by the northern lights well that’s wat she thought wen she had been walking for about 10 minutes trying to find a way out and who was calling her name.suddenly she spotted a tunnell with the forest on the other side and was joyful and desided to run through it but saw a sign saying can you see anything different but when she got their.She was devistated. All of the trees had died and all the leaves were black. she was back into real time she saw a man and asked him. Why have all the trees died its only been 20 minutes said Sophie confused . The man looked at her and asked are you the girl who got lost in 2020? She paused yes! It’s not been 20 minutes it’s been 20 years.

    1. Port Post author

      Jamie! It’s awesome to see you work work on here. Wow. This grabbed my attention the whole way through. I just wanted to find out what happened when she travelled to a parallel dimension. Brilliant ending with the ‘time shock’. Very clever. You’re awesome. Mr Port

    2. Miss Mellersh

      Ooh… interesting twist! I wonder if she ever got back to her time or whether she was stuck in the future permanently …

    3. Amelia Adeosun

      After what happened to the stick Sophie was terrified, but part of her was a bit amazed. She had so many questions, thoughts and feelings. What had happened to that twig? Sophie was so focused on the twig she didnt hear a distant call saying “beware”.this time the voice was louder and Sophie heard it. She froze for one second. Why did somebody say that and who was saying it? Sophie thought this magical place was too dangerous to explore.

  5. Skye Kirk

    The green forest has beautiful features in it. On the south of the forest is full of rainbow coloured flowers. Some are red, some are yellow and some are even green. The green flowers are very rare indeed. They are only found in this very forest in England. On the north part of the forest are some bits and pieces from many years back. There was a shipwreck or two hidden behind a very long and tall bush. On the west side of the forest is a path leading to a rocky cave full of golden treasure and on the east side of the forest is a passageway leading into a fairy kingdom with lots of dead fairies in because when I went inside I let a stray cat get in and it ate the royals but just chewed the others then spat them out again into a pile and then set fire to them and led by the fire and fell asleep. The place looked nice but it was covered in blood and was stained so if you went to that place you would never be able to see the original colour of the kingdom you would only see red, RED,RED!

    1. Helen Iles

      Hi Skye,

      Wow! A fairy kingdom attacked by a cat which eats royalty and which is covered with blood. What will your main character do about this catastrophe? What part will the shipwrecks play in the story?

      1. Skye Kirk

        they will sneak up on the cat and eat it while it is sleeping. There was one fairy left and they used the magic that was left in the shipwrecks to bring all of the fairies back to life and also bring back the ones that were eaten. they all used their dust to put the place back into colour

  6. Luke Drummond

    She crept through. Suddenly, she disappeared onto a train in the sky! The train stopped, then fell, Sophie came out off of the train with a big cut. The train had crashed in the middle of a desert. She looked around, there was a dog and he looked like he was waiting for her. So she followed him to a hole, looking down the dog pushed her, she screamed loudly, then teleported to the frozen north…

  7. Quinn Phelpstead

    Sophie picked up a stone and threw it in to the branches. She was confused when this disappeared too! Even though Sophie was scared she was curious and intrigued to walk in to the into the tunnel of branches. Sophie walked through pushing her self through the sharp branches and was shocked by what she saw…

  8. Jasmine bell

    As Sophie excitedly walked towards the tunnel, she suddenly felt electric shocks flowing through her body! Sophie jumped into the tunnel as a giant flash of light appeared, pulling her into a swirling vortex of colours. She landed onto a giant fluffy surface which could only be described as a light pink marshmallow! Sophie looked around and saw a glowing forest, with yellow lights glimmering through the air. She tried to catch one but then saw that they were fairies! What kind of world has she stumbled into…?

  9. Jack Organ

    She continued through the tunnel and then she ended up in a spooky place.After That Sophie fell in a trap and got stuck.She was stuck for 1 hour.When she escaped,the tunnel continued then it soonly ended

  10. Ollie Lansley

    Suddenly the stick came flying back and hit her on the nose, Sophie felt shocked and sad and ran home crying.

  11. Sophie Richards Yr6

    “What happened to my stick, where did it go?” Sophie, whispers. She finds a small stone and chucks it through the gap. It also disappears like magic! She cautiously holds out her shaking hand. As she steps forward it feels warm and tingly. She feels a tug and suddenly she’s sucked into the tunnel. Arghhh…

    1. Port Post author

      Arghhhh indeed! I loved this piece, Sophie. Well done. I like that she checks to see if the same thing happens to another stone. Being sucked into that tunnel must have been frightening. Well done. You’re awesome! Mr Port

  12. Cerys Weaving

    There are some small and huge stones in the woods. Sophie climbs the stones to get a good look through the branches. She saw a bear in the woods. She feels terrified and she runs away. She finds her mum and dad. She takes them to the woods and shows them the strange branches. The bear has disappeared.

    1. Mrs Whitlock

      Ah I always think of bears in forests too Cerys. It reminds me of lots of stories we have shared at school over the years so this was comforting for me to read. Thank you. Some clever sentences of your own here which I really enjoyed reading. I’m wondering if it was her imagination or real? Mmmmm.
      So proud of you. Mrs Whitlock x

    2. Sonny Cawdron

      I wonder where the stick landed let’s go and find it and do it again. When Sophie threw the stick again it landed somewhere completely different so Sophie went to look for the stick but she couldn’t find it so she carried on her adventure.

  13. Alfie Phelpstead

    She walked forward trying to reveal this untold mystery. Then she fell through a dark and narrow hole and found herself in a mysterious and gloomy cave leading to a colossal room. She started walking slowly not looking back following the track leading to the room and found herself facing a mysterious thing and was shocked…

    1. Port Post author

      Wow! Well done, Alfie. I love that it is a ‘thing’ and not a person. It creeps me out a little bit more though! I like the use of ‘colossal’ and ‘reveal this untold mystery.’ Well done and thank you! You’re awesome. Mr Port

  14. Sam-Year 6

    As she went through the tunnel, the strange branches came close every second. When Sophie was right next to them it opened a portal to another world. What she could hear was scratching, shrieks of horror. The taste of fear went to her head. Sophie wanted to see a leaf go through. As she chucked the leaf in the portal it came back out so Sophie wanted to try it but when she went through a huge gust of wind jolted her in, followed by a flash of light. There was no telling what happened to her but the twig she threw in flew out. But the tunnel still lies there waiting…

    1. Port Post author

      Sam! I love the idea of a portal to another world. Jamie had a similar idea and it’s great to see your different approaches. Yours is definitley on the scarier side. The mystery and unknown aspect of yours builds suspense throughout,. ‘Shrieks of horror’ had me hiding behind my pillow! You’re awesome. Thank you. Mr Port

  15. Reuben Spall

    Baffled by what she saw. Sofie put her right foot in the first loop and found her foot had disappeared too. Sophie freaked, quickly pulling her leg out she found her right boot had gone, Sophie fainted.When Sophie woke up in a completely different place…

  16. Phoebe Fisher-Davis

    Sophie thought it might teleport her! So she put her arm in and she went to Wonderland! She always wanted to go there. In Wonderland it was not like she imagined. It was dark and scary, not happy and exciting. No people!

    1. Miss Akhurst

      Wonderland sounds different from how I imagine it too, Phoebe! I hope Sophie managed to find her way back again! Miss Akhurst 🙂

  17. Craig Apple class

    Sophie was surprised when the stick had disappeared in the air, so Sophie went into the tunnel. Boom! Sophie back flipped into the crackled tunnel. Sophie landed on a horse and a sword in her hand.

  18. Bella Whitlock Y4

    Sophie felt compelled to search for the stick. “There must be some explanation”, she thought out loud. She cautiously stepped through the enchanted branches and after a most peculiar feeling, she was in a completely different world. Darkness surrounded her and rainbow coloured spirits floated into a circle above Sophie’s head making pretty patterns into the distance. It was almost like a tornado of light rather than wind. In fact there wasn’t even a breeze. Everything was silent and still…until…

  19. Harley Cawdron

    Sophie was shocked, she picked up a thicker branch and threw it and it disappeared again.Now she went though and there were leaves and her thicker branch,the smaller branch and the stone. She went to go back but the portal was gone. She was terrified she would never get home!!!

  20. Ethan Year 5

    As she looked closer, she saw a hand reach out and take her into the tunnel. “Ah help” Sophie called but no one came to help. The tunnel was a time portal and it brought her to what she thought was World War 1 in 1918. Soon enough she got out just in time.

  21. Lexy Sutherland

    Sophie gasped in horror! Wow it must be a time-warp…..She silently thought to herself what should i do next? Is this truly happening? She hesitated before walking through, but what if it is a parallel world, I

    might get trapped! She could feel like she was being pulled in like a magnet, as she stepped in it felt as if it was spinning, was it? She felt dizzy and out of control, what could this lead too? Would I be trapped in

    this forever……

    1. lexysutherland

      (second paragraph) she landed with a thump and slowly opened her eyes, Sophie is staring into a whole other world! She is on another planet no longer on planet earth. But what planet is it? This planet has an eerie atmosphere and its nothing alike to planet earth. Stunned Sophie looked around watching the quiet dark empty space.There was absolutely nothing just Sophie!

  22. Kayla Thornhill Year 4

    Sophie jumped into the loop, all around her there was colourful smoke, she opened her eyes and looked all around, then she realised she was back at Meadowside on the field with all her friends, she noticed something in the distance pink & white, what could it be she thought, she ran towards it & it disappeared out of sight …………

  23. savannah ridgway

    Sophie was so excited to go to the woods when she arrived she had spotted this tunnel it looked weird so she stepped in the wind was so strong she felt like it would lift her up two meters into the sky. but yet what she didn’t know was she was going to have the shock of her life.

  24. Seren Brain

    As the twig disappeared Sophie stood in suspense. Timidly Sophie stretched her hand into the loop . At first it disappeared but she pulled it back in shock and terror .There were cuts and bruises as if something was fighting her in that loop.

  25. Evie F

    She went to get her best friend Chloe.Sophie tells Chloe what happened but Chloe thinks that Sophie is lying and says that could never happen. Sophie says “stop! i will show you with a stick.”Sophie pulls chloe back. Then Sophie throws the stick in and it was gone in a blink of an eye. Chloe was shocked and could not believe her own eyes . Sophie says “Lets jump through and see where it will take us.” Chloe agrees and says “in 3 2 1″They both jump in a disappear… to be continued…

  26. Owen Sperring

    She went to see where her stick was, she found it in the bush. She went the other way, and found a monster! The monster scared her away.
    The end.

  27. Chloe (Year 1)

    ‘Was that twig a magic twig?’ Sophie thought.
    Sophie crawls through the tunnel and she suddenly noticed she was at a castle!
    She finds some treasure! The treasure was necklaces and golden hats and chocolate coins.

  28. Charlotte 💖

    “Where did my stick go……!? I swear it was just there!” Muttered Sophie “This is the first sign of magic in decades!” Sophie threw a stone in the hole just to check that she was not just seeing things, to her surprise she was not! She was scared but also exited to realize that she was the first person to find magic in the world! “I will be famous! My family will be so proud of me!” said Sophie to herself.

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