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What people say about Meadowside

Do children enjoy being at Meadowside?

*My daughter attended from year 4 and it did amazing things for her: not only academically, but on a personal level too. Can’t recommend them enough.

*Fantastic! The school has a lovely family-feel, a very nurturing environment where the children’s wellbeing is a priority. It’s a lovely size school and all staff know all the children. We’re so lucky to have such a fab school in the area

*It’s an outstanding school and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to have educated my son

*Absolutely amazing. They care and make you feel part of a little family. The kids all run through the gates with smiles on their faces in the morning. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough

* Just wanted to take a second to thank you for all that you have done for me and my equally scatty/forgetful offspring. I think you’re ace and you’ve made Olivia’s time here so much easier. If it wasn’t for you babysitting me I know she would have been swimming in her uniform and going dressed up as Florence Nightingale on sports relief etc.  You’re a little bit amazing and thanks again, Don’t suppose you can give your mobile number to the Severn Vale Reception could you so they know what I expect of them!

* Thank you for the care, encouragement and teaching that you and your team have provided to both Andrew and Michael over the years – it is much appreciated. I hope you continue to give a good education to all the children that attend Meadowside School in the years to come.

*I know Lottie will be taking fond memories from all her years and teachers with her tomorrow.

* Wonderful photos of first day. Kids looked so happy and relaxed having fun. So nice to see mixed groups of younger and older children helping each other… Looking forward to second day photos..

* My child adores being at Meadowside and their specific learning needs are met expertly

* Meadowside is a special school

Does Meadowside help children lead an active and healthy lifestyle?

* Well done to all the Meadowside swimmers. You were all awesome and should be super proud of yourselves.

* Well done Meadowside boys, a great game and a well deserved piece of silverware

* We have a fair few medalists travelling home right now.. Fabulous event!!

* We are very proud of you girls. Well done for not giving up and always having smiles on your faces

* Well done girls really proud :)those smiles tell us you enjoyed it and that’s the way to go!

* Evan had the best time on Wednesday. Thanks for giving him the chance to play

* All of the Cross Country children made me very proud to be a Meadowside mum !! They were all fantastic

* So proud of all the children today, not only did they all give 110% in their sports and activities but they were also extremely well behaved throughout the whole day (Sports day).

Does Meadowside take account of school family suggestions or concerns?

*Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, It has set my mind at rest and I am more than happy with your response and what the school are doing to hopefully resolve this issue.

* We ran two parental events for homework as it was something that many parents commented on during the most recent parental questionnaire. The recent feedback since we reinvented and launched homework has been excellent.

* We have responded quickly to concerns about lunchtimes with a letter from the Head and Deputy.

Does Meadowside communicate effectively to parents?

*Hope you’re all on the road to recovery. Fantastic job on keeping everyone informed and dealing with an awful situation so quickly!!

* I’m so glad they are enjoying themselves. It’s so nice to be kept informed too thank you

How well does Meadowside help build home/school and community partnerships?

*Thanks you so much for inviting me to join you for the carol singing on Tuesday. It was lovely to see the event enjoyed by so many families and l really enjoyed being part of such a special evening.  

*I just wanted to say I thought the poppy display yesterday was lovely. Olivia was very proud to show me her poppy. Please pass on to Miss Thomas & Mr Port I think it was a really good idea.

*Can I just express how stunning the poppy display looked at the front of the school. Really was touching seeing them this morning. It’s great that the children are learning the meaning behind the poppy. Fantastic tribute.

*The Y6 students put on an amazing show, with some really stand out performances.

* You probably have noticed I am in the lettings industry, Jess who is one of the instructors at SCOEC moved in a property with us on Thursday. She commented on how well behaved, polite and keen our children all were, she said they were a delight to instruct. She also mentioned how respectful they were towards not only yourself and Mr Zeal but also the other instructors. She said Meadowside was one of the best school groups she had seen for a long while!

* It was a truly fabulous day. thank you to all those who organised it!! A pleasure to have been there today..well done Meadowsiders for being so well behaved, it was a pleasure to hear people comment on how well our school were represented  great day, kids really enjoyed!

*Thank you Meadowside for allowing our children to take part on this event.. Treasured memories !!! Liberty was so proud to cut the celebratory ribbon!!!! (Soliders of Gloucestershire Victoria Cross Day).

* Thank you so much to the hard work and time put in by the staff, you are truly amazing to give our children this opportunity. Izzy loved every minute (Shakespeare event)

* They were all amazing – I was extremely impressed. Big thanks to the staff for organising it all (The other schools weren’t bad either ;)). (Shakespeare event)

* Well done to all the children that took part !!! all that hard work paid off today… Thank you to Mrs Whitlock and Miss Thomas for making it happen.. Well done Meadowside. (Shakespeare event).

* We were happy to help such a good cause….so pleased for Niamh and her classmates in year 6 (collecting milk bottles tops for the blind).

* Wow! Looks really good. The pond looks so much better (after the pond clear out).

* Meadowside, you guys rock! Absolutely brilliant

* Thomas said the trip was awesome and he can’t wait to tell his grandad all about it

* Fab Tom!!! Looking forward to my bag, will use it and be proud of you (one of our children won the design a bag for Tesco competition

* Many thanks again to all our helpers. We are happy to announce that after the costs of running today we raised just over £1000 for the school.

* Looks fab, thanks for helping finish it off. Good job (after the Meadowside Greenhouse was erected)  

*  My little dude (Alfie, Y1) is totally buzzed up and proud about his involvement in this event – thankyou and can’t wait to see (eco-days)

* The Meadowside Family have been amazing to raise such a huge amount of money and for a very worthwhile cause.

* Sam had a fab time. Thank you Meadowside for giving him the opportunity to do something he loves and he enjoyed the challenge even more because he was doing it with Will (K’nex finals).

* What a lovely Christmas production. Well done to all the kids and teachers who put in all the hard work. It was fab.

* Cadence really enjoyed thank you for organising, a great experience for the little ones that have just started school, thanks. (PJ and Popcorn Party)

* You are a brave man Mr P taking them all away, Fin has really enjoyed it. A great way to spend their last term at Meadowside (Y6 residential).

* Lauren was actually quiet yesterday evening – not something that happens that often! She loved it – thanks for making it so much fun (Y6 residential).

*  It was lovely that so many families came! We really enjoyed ourselves. It was also lovely to see so many of our new children going to start in Sept celebrating with you. (School picnic).

Parental event feedback

* We love the new homework and my child is really enthusiastic about it

* Thanks for another fantastic event .. Insight as to how lucky our children are to be part of Meadowside!

* Thank you for the Link! Subordinate clauses and complex sentences nearly pushed me over the edge this morning, I had no idea what Mrs Iles was talking about!!

* Just to say a huge thank you for the fair today….great insight for parents on how our kids learn…and just why they enjoy school so much! Great event..thanks !!

* Just wanted to say thank you for running this today. It’s so great to be able to go into my children’s classes and see a bit of what they are doing in school.

* Lovely ideas used in creative writing ‘how the butterfly got its wings’ Thanks to Claire for her advice

* Really interesting to see how handwriting improves through the years and how I can help improve at home

* Great idea. It was lovely to go into different classes to see the children at work. Was very impressed with everyone’s writing and also their impeccable behaviour.

* It was really good seeing all the classes at work. All the writer’s work I’ve seen is of a very high standard!

* A wonderful variety of writing stimuli… pupils who love to talk about and share their learning! From free writing about the gingerbread man and powerful non narrative writing about Jungle Jonathan to nerve-jangling plans for the ghostly haunted house and informative biographied time lines.

* Wow! Fantastic event. It has given me lots of ideas for applying maths practically at home. The children are really enjoying the event.

* I really enjoyed watching the children demonstrate the different ways in which maths is taught. The use of fun games and activities bringing maths to life is great. The children were ALL fab!

* Great opportunity to see the progression throughout school and enable children to showcase their skills. Helps parents approach current methods too.

* The playing cards are brilliant for maths. Me, Alice and Mili will be playing this together through the holidays to improve our maths.