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The Meadowside Curriculum

At Meadowside, the curriculum complies fully with the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum (2014). The curriculum design promotes a life-long love of learning, gaining knowledge and acquiring skills and to ultimately help every pupil in life beyond Meadowside. We have designed our curriculum using the ‘Big Ideas’ model. This takes a big concept, such as The Earth, Sun and Moon, Meadowside Explorers or The Romans, that is learnt through driving questions that helps all children understand our world. We plan carefully using pre-requisites and exciting end points (Topic Shines) so we are clear in what the children need to know to achieve in the next phase. We always take into account what children at Meadowside want to learn when they find out their new topic title. A ‘Golden Thread’ is used so that key learning within a subject can be analysed by Subject Leaders to ensure curriculum coverage is strong and coherent. 

The Curriculum at Meadowside

Curriculum Policy

Whole School Topic Overview