Making a difference for our future

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Willow


Year 1 includes children in the age range from 5-6 years of age. We believe that young learners learn best by doing and we encourage our children to take that approach and we support them in ‘having a go’. Exciting topics and play activities help make Year One a stimulating time to learn.

Miss Akhurst

Miss Akhurst joined Meadowside in March 2015 and teaches Monday – Friday in year 1. She has extensive experience of how the little people’s minds work and we are very lucky to have her on our team. Miss Akhurst leads science and is very passionate about its profile in the primary curriculum. She is also a member of the English team.

“It is an absolute pleasure to come to school each day and work with such fantastic and enthusiastic children and staff! Everyone is so friendly and kind and it truly is a family atmosphere.”


Year 2 Maple

Year 2 includes children from 6-7 years of age and are the oldest children in the infants. We like to take on extra responsibility to set a good example to the younger children. At the end of Year 2, the children undertake SATs to help identify next steps for the beginning of Key Stage 2. A big part of our curriculum in the summer helps prepare the children for this transition.

Miss Mellersh

The Year 2 Teacher is Miss Mellersh, who joined Meadowside in 2006. She has taught across all of Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, making her a highly skilled and experienced member of our team. She is also member of our Senior Leadership Team. Miss Mellersh leads English and is very passionate about the difference that reading and writing can make to childrens’ lives. Miss Mellersh works Monday – Friday in Year 2. 

“I thoroughly enjoy teaching at Meadowside, and think we make a fantastic school family with a love for learning and enthusiasm for life. Teaching our young children to be responsible, courteous citizens is an absolute must, and we do it brilliantly!!”

Year 1 and 2 Support Staff

Mrs Stevens

Miss Akhurst and Key Stage 1 are also enthusiastically supported by the excellent Mrs Stevens a professionally qualified Teaching Assistant who joined Meadowside in 2003 and has experience in EYFS, Key Stage 1 and Keys stage 2. Mrs Stevens is qualified in Thrive and helps develop confident and resilient children. 

“I love my job and look forward to work every day! I enjoy helping children to reach their potential in all aspects of their school life. I like being part of the development of a great school.”

Mrs Emery

Mrs Emery joined us in 2013 and works as a teaching assistant, primarily in Year 2. Her expertise in supporting children to learn are so valuable to us at Meadowside. Her enthusiasm and energy really gets the best out of the children. Mrs Emery has extensive experience and skills in supporting children with additional needs.

“I really enjoy being part of the Meadowside family. It is very rewarding and I provide individual children with additional support, helping them shine and reach their full potential.

I work in a safe environment with fantastic staff who always support each other and children who can’t wait to learn!”

The year 2 team are also supported by Miss Visaranta, a professionally qualified Teaching Assistant who joined Meadowside in September 2015. Miss Visaranta works 1:1, or in very small groups across Key Stage 1. If something arty has gone up in school, you can be sure Miss Visaranta is behind it! We are very lucky to have such a talented member of our team on board!


“Hello everyone! I’m pleased to be working at Meadowside Primary School. I live local to the area and my main passion is creativity.”