Making a difference for our future



The intent of our Meadowside curriculum is to create children who are:

·         Curious about the world and their place in it.

·         Fascinated about the people of the world.

·         Knowledgeable about the earths Human and Physical processes.

For each subject, we use an aspirational Golden Thread statement that is important to our school vision and values at Meadowside. We have considered how each subject can help the children in their journey to secondary school and beyond.

Our Meadowside Golden Thread for Geography is : To explore how our actions as humans change the environment and how we can make a difference.

Geography Coverage across year groups and topics

Geography National Curriculum


At Meadowside Primary School, we teach the content of the Geography national curriculum through our topics (some of which have a geography driver). We work to ensure that all children develop knowledge about the world and have the skills to answer question about it. We use key questions in our topic planning to ensure that we are building on the children’s knowledge and understanding year by year. We aim to foster in our children a life long love for the world around them and an understanding of their place in it. We utilise our school grounds and the local area for practical study.


The children are assessed throughout the year by their class teacher, based on the work being produced in class. Three times a year, the Geography subject leader will hold a pupil voice session to moderate the assessment judgements made by the class teacher. This gives our subject leader the chance to see strengths and areas for development in the teaching and learning of Geography at Meadowside.

How can I support my child with Geography

Geography is not just about far away places. We start by looking at where we live and make connections further afield from there. Draw your child’s attention to the local environment. Explore where you live. We are lucky to be so close to a canal system and the River Severn.

Make sure they know their address. As well as being useful it puts where we live in context: name of the road, area, town, county etc.

It is fun to look at maps and globes, there are also various simple map puzzles available. Look at local maps and maps of place you visit on holiday.

Create your own maps – of bedrooms, your garden / of real and imaginary places.

If you have relatives in other places talk about how far/ near they are. How is where they live different to here? Look at a map, how do you get from there house to yours?

Make sure your child is aware of what you as a family do to recycle. How are you impacting the world?

Read books set in different parts of the world. How are these places different to here? Why are they different? The local library is always worth a visit.

Useful websites

National Geographic Kids

Newsround for current Uk events

BBC Bitesize for games and info about the Uk and the world around us

Some fun Geography games  

Some fun Geography games