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The Easter Holiday Hub

The Easter Holiday Hub

Monday 6th April  – Friday 17th April 2020

To all the lovely Meadowside Children,

It’s officially the Easter Holidays! We hope you are all healthy and happy and enjoying the sunshine. We have come up with some Easter activities to keep you curious during the holidays. You’ll see the member of staff who came up with the idea below the activity. Your class pages will keep Week 2 on them until Monday 20th April, in case you haven’t had a chance to have a go at all the activities. There is a comment box at the bottom of this page, if you wanted to tell us a bit about the things you have been up to.  

Don’t forget the Family Learning Library and Writing Hub will be open as usual! 

We miss you lots but have fun! 

All the staff at Meadowside

Time Capsule

It would be amazing to create a time capsule that you can bury in your garden. This document contains some really cool ideas about how to make a time capsule and what to include. You can adpat the activities. We know not everyone has a printer but you can draw your own versions and present them in any way you like. It makes it special and unique to YOU! 

Miss Akhurst

Big Art: Chalk

Use masking tape/tape on a fence to create and an abstract pattern. Use chalk to colour each section. Remove tape. Voila big art!

Mrs Stevens

Eggs’-citing vocabulary!

Easter is an ‘eggs’-tra special time for everyone with the arrival of the Easter bunny with eggs.

How many ‘eggs’- words can you think of?

Can you draw an image, or create a model, to show your vocabulary?

Here is my favourite ‘eggs’-ample…!

Mrs Bouvier


Scavenger Hunt

These are always really good fun and definitely make you think. This one has a book focus, see if you can collect them all: Scavenger Hunt.

Mrs Rowntree

Staying Active Over Easter

Have a go at picking an activity every day from our Meadowside Activity Sheet: Staying active over Easter

Mrs Bouvier


Everyone loves a minion! Now is your chance to learn how to draw one! How to draw a minion..

Mr Port

Easter Olympics

As the Olympic Games have been postponed, why not make your own! Get started with Easter Olympics

Mrs R Smith

Big Art: Footprints

Collect a selection of shoes from around the house, and look at what sort of footprint they would make. Stand in a shallow tray of water then walk along the garden path, comparing the different sizes and shapes of the footprints. Have a go at walking backwards, jumping or hopping and see how that changes them. If you’re feeling adventurous and love a bit of mess, why not make your footprints using paint and jump, hop and walk over an old bed sheet!

You could turn this idea into a science experiment – explore other types of footprint made by birds or animals. Scatter bird seed or old bread crusts in a patch of soft mud, and see if you collect any prints.

Miss Mellersh


Your very own miniature garden! 
As a child, I used to make an annual Easter Garden. Basically it’s just in a shallow tray (from recycling eg foil tray works best) and use own garden to make mini one of own. Source soil, sticks, leaves, cuttings, stones, flowers, grass, little pot covered in it to make pond etc. Add a cross from lolly sticks if you want.
Mrs Whitlock

Family Portrait

Use this opportunity to draw or paint a family portrait to display somewhere in your house. You can capture your family during this memorable time and look back at your masterpiece in years to come. You could include pets too!
Mrs Davies 


Healthy Easter Egg Hunt

Fill plastic eggs (you could use any container!) with exercise ideas and ask an adult to hide them around the garden. The exercises could include hopping like a bunny, dancing like a chick, being and an aeroplane, a game of tag, tickle someone until they surrender and run in circles around someone in your family. It’s always a fun idea to come up with the ideas together. 
Mrs Parker


Big Art: The Natural World

Here’s how to do it: 
1. If you have a garden, collect some natural materials to use for your art. If you are able to go out for a walk with an adult, ask them to help you look for natural materials while you are out. The only rule is don’t take anything which is part of an animal’s home. You could collect twigs, leaves, pebbles or stones, moss, feathers, flowers (ask an adult first if they are garden flowers!), pine cones or seed pods. You might also want to use some string or wool to tie things together (especially if you make a sculpture). 

2. If you want to make a piece of flat art, find a flat space to work on. You could use a lawn, path or driveway for this. If you want to create a sculpture (something which stands up in 3D), then you will need a flat base to stand it on. 

3. Use your imagination to come up with an idea for your picture or sculpture. Will it represent something “real” (such as a house or a hedgehog) or will it be “abstract” (not representing a real object)? Arrange the natural things you have collected to make your picture or sculpture. Use the wool or string to help tie parts of the sculpture together.

4. When you have finished, take a photo if you can and share it with us when you return! Good luck!
Mrs Iles

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