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Week 7: Faces!

Welcome to the Writing Hub!

Each week, we will post a piece of text, an image or a video for you to respond to. You can record your writing in the comments section below or write it in your English book. These tasks are designed for the whole school to have a go at. If you find writing tricky, then ask a grown up to help you sound it out. You can download a sound mat from Twinkl for free; just use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and search ‘sound mat’.

Remember, all the work from previous weeks stays ‘live’ so if you comment then we will still see it. It may take a while for a comment to appear as a Meadowside adult will have to approve it.

This week is all about writing to make someone laugh or smile.




What might it say? 

Does it have a name?

How does it feel?

Keep an eye out at home for things with faces!

12 thoughts on “Week 7: Faces!

  1. Freddie Smith Y4 💩


    “I’m normally nice”, said Garry the grater “but it does get annoying having to cope with people rubbing food on my face. “

  2. Isabelle m

    What might it say?
    would you like your cheese grated.

    Does it have a name?
    yes cheese head.

    How does it feel?

  3. George m

    What might it say?
    I am a scary pepper with spiky hair

    Does it have a name?
    Peter Pepper

    How does it feel?

  4. Zac Boakes

    What might it say?
    It’s up to you and your imagination.

    Does it have a name?
    Could it be one we know through fame.

    How does it feel?
    So excited it could possibly squeal.

    So keep an eye on any faces you see because then you can find what they are really might be.

  5. Jack Organ

    What Might It Say?

    I Am A Friendly Cheese Grater.

    Does It Have A Name?

    Xander Taster.

    How Does It Feel?

    Ready For Work.

  6. Harley cawdron

    What might it say?

    I’m an Insanely red pepper

    Does it have a name?

    Percy the pepper

    How does it feel?


  7. Joe H

    What Might it say?

    Cover me with cheese.

    Does it have a name?
    Spikey Mikey

    How does it feel?
    Exited and happy.

  8. Cerys Weaving

    I have had a good look in my house. I have found a face on my door.

    What might it say?
    Run away from me I am a scary beast.

    Does it have a name?

    How does it feel?
    Hideous and happy.

  9. Kayla Thornhill Year 4

    What might it say?
    I can grate your cheese in 4 different ways, which one would you like today?

    Does it have a name?
    My name is sparkles

    How does it feel?
    Eager and ready to start grating

  10. Jasmine bell

    What might it say?
    I am please to grate you

    Does it have a name?
    My name is Cheese Louise

    How does it feel?
    I feel cheesier than normal

  11. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷

    cheese grater

    What would it say:
    Eat me

    What is his name:
    Mr Cheese

    What would he feel:
    He would feel as if he needed to look and smell cheesy so that he is the cheese I pick to eat with lunch.

  12. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷

    I don`t know if this counts as a face but I found a Wolf on the bottom of my sisters bed. I think it is howling for some reason. maybe he wants Mr. Cheese to grate him some cheese because He wants food.
    It could be a possibility though because she have never fed it and she has had that bed for 5 years. Oops. He is probably starving to death or is already dead(That is the most likely option!)

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