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Half Term Hub: Butterflies

Welcome to the Writing Hub!

Each week, we will post a piece of text, an image or a video for you to respond to. You can record your writing in the comments section below or write it in your English book. These tasks are designed for the whole school to have a go at. If you find writing tricky, then ask a grown up to help you sound it out. You can download a sound mat from Twinkl for free; just use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and search ‘sound mat’.

Remember, all the work from previous weeks stays ‘live’ so if you comment then we will still see it. It may take a while for a comment to appear as a Meadowside adult will have to approve it.

This week is all about writing with your imagination.


After watching the video, choose one of the options below:

1) Describe the the room after the butterflies arrive. Try and include as many adjectives, verbs and similes as you can.

2) What if different insects/animals came out of the book? How might it change the situation/feelings?

3) If you had opened the special book, what would you like to see appear and why?

2 thoughts on “Half Term Hub: Butterflies

  1. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷

    The man had a nose as big as a balloon. He decided to read a book about butterfly s to make him feel better. He was sad because he did not get a bed of wood with a mattress of feathers and springs , he was also sad because he got only a chair and a bed, why no desk and why no windows, what about a mirror or a wardrobe to fill the empty gaps in the room and what about some preparing of the room, cracks in the walls and wholes in the roof where water leeks out when it rains and pours down . His room was dark and grey with no windows in sight, just black gloomy walls with a bed of straw and a chair of cheap wood.He suddenly feels the book shake and he watched as the pages flipped and the book fell to the ground. the man got up. He grabbed the book off of the floor and opened it again. Suddenly, the book flung it self into the air and started to reveal its hidden secrets. Butterfly s came fluttering out of the book and the mans room turned from a grey mess to a beautiful blue colour. Bluer then the sky and the sea. Magic can really happen if you carry on and never let your shame and tears pull you down. We can get through this together if we put our minds to it and are patient. CORONAVIRUS wont last for ever!

  2. Freddie Smith Y4 💩

    The man was sad in his dark gloomy room where all he had to do all day was read a book of butterflys .His life was boring with no light and hardly anything to eat. Until!!!!! . Suddenly his book started to shake then POOF hundreds of butterflys
    rflys flew out of his book and made the room as beautiful as a rainbow 🌈🌈🌈

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