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Week 3: Pandora

The video below is linked to the film Avatar. Watch the clip and choose from the options below, or even come up with your own:

1) Describe the appearance of one of the creatures using some exciting words

2) Describe the appearance, behaviour, diet and habitat (a non-chronological report) of your chosen creature

3) Which creature would you like to live with and why? 

3) Come up with your own creature that could live on Pandora. Draw it and then describe it!  

19 thoughts on “Week 3: Pandora

  1. Skye Kirk💩

    The planet of Pandora is filled with all sorts of crazy creatures. Big, small, human like or sky gliders, all living on one planet of toxic air. The blue coloured creatures, so many of them. They can not be missed, they are seen for miles. Avatar, one of the coolest movies ever filmed.🎦📷

    1. Mrs Iles

      Hi Skye,

      I wonder why the creatures are blue. Is it because of the toxic air? Or is it because of the animals’ diet? If humans could visit Pandora, what preparations would they need to make before visiting? If you were writing a tour guide for Pandora, what would it say?

      Mrs Iles.

  2. Zac Boakes

    Owning vast quantities of intricate life forms, Pandora has a talent of respecting all mother nature. Having an unusual gift of magnetic fields, Pandora has groundbreaking mountainous ranges and naturally occurring events. However, due to some of it’s qualities, it is near to impossible for humans to settle there. But scientists can monitor weather patterns and behaviour so that one day we the human race can expand our borders of exploration.

    1. Mrs Iles

      Hi Zach,

      I really liked your comment about respecting all of mother nature. Perhaps that is something we humans should be working on. Would you like to be able to explore Pandora yourself? I would love to do so although I’d need to learn more about how to stay safe around the dinosaurs before venturing out.

  3. Jack Organ

    I like how designed the video is and how textured the creatures are. There diet and the plants they eat get them stronger and they soonly get an eating habitat. I would like to live with the creatures at the time of the video 1:24.

    1. Mrs Whitlock

      Wow! You really are very observant Jack and I can tell you enjoy the writing tasks put on the hub every week.
      I have noticed that you have written something in response to the stimulus every week, which I am very impressed by. This makes me very proud of you and I hope you are proud of your efforts too. It’s great keeping the mind active. I’m very much looking forward to your response next week and I’m glad you liked Pandora and it’s creatures.

  4. Daisy Smith

    Pandora is an enchanting, extraordinary world. The magnificent waterfalls glisten as the mighty wind brushes the blue liquid off the sharp cliffs. Toxic air turns mysterious animals into a cobalt blue or a light magenta. The animals are in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Fire Dragons are colossal in width and height, sometimes even taller than an outstanding 14.2 feet, but this depends how old the Dragons are.

  5. Beth meadows

    Pandora is a mythical land that no one can see. Every where there’s toxic air that covers the place, this makes the animals and creatures go crazy! Pandora is a bunch of different islands spread across the clouds. On every island there’s different creatures some blue, many have wings and most of them you don’t want to meet. People tried to see this mythical land but no one has, the toxic air is stopping them. So this world that no one knows about is never to be seen just in your imagination.

  6. Damian

    A mystical land with toxic air.The animals are powerful there. And they created the toxic air from there world is dangerous they’ve got viper wolfs creeping to find you. There dire horses Are keeping alert⚠.

  7. Craig Apple class

    I want to live with a thick skinned hammerhead Titatheros because if there is an enemy coming near I would jump on it and ride it towards the enemy, it can win by hiting it with it’s mighty hammerhead. I wish I could live there because the blue people might teach me some tricks of their own. The lake is perfickt to swim in and to drink there, the beautiful flowers are colifell and pretty.

  8. John Mayne

    To safeguard Pandora, what should human visitors have to demonstrate so that this beautiful landscape and its wildlife are protected?

  9. Harley Cawdron

    I would like to live with the Viper Wolves because if I was getting robbed then the Viper Wolf would probably kill the robber or scare them away.

  10. Sonny Cawdron

    I would like to live with a dier horse so I can ride around with it and get to places faster than a car. If I was late for something I would only be late for a minute or so maybe just a few seconds .

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