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Year 6: Willow Class

Welcome to Willow Class!

Monday 30th March 2020

Week 2

To the Wonderful Willows,


Hello!! I hope you had a fun/ relaxing/ productive week. I’m so sorry I didn’t get chance to see you in that last week but I have been thinking about you all lots. I loved the video message, it really made me smile.

Arthur has been enjoying the sunshine and doing lots of exploring in my garden. I’m trying to maintain the expert level of care he gets from you at school!

Please remember that it is so important to continue to be kind to each other. For lots of people this is a very unsettling time and we all just want to feel like we are in this together. If you are keeping in touch with friends over social media, keep things positive. Your kindness could be the thing that brightens up someone’s day.

We have added plenty of new activities for you to try to keep you busy, but if you’re still working on something from last week that’s absolutely fine. Just try to keep practicing those skills that you have worked so hard on at school.

I know that everything feels a bit odd, but by staying at home we are all doing the best thing for ourselves and others! Have fun, be kind and enjoy this time with your families 😊


Mrs Davies



Don’t forget to visit the Writing Hub for a weekly task for all of the children at Meadowside. You can write your response in your book,or in the comments section.

On Thursday 26th March at 8 pm, we were invited to stand outside our house or open our windows, and cheer and clap for our wonderful NHS (National Health Service). It made me feel very proud. Staff at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital would love to hear from you. You could write a letter of appreciation, draw a picture or even create a piece of poetry and deliver it to your local post box as part of your daily exercise. You may even have a family member or friend that works for the NHS and you could write to them directly. 


First News, the newspaper we read every week in class, are releasing their next few editions for free and the first is available to download here: First News.

Audible have released lots of free children’s audiobooks for you to enjoy. How lovely! 

Instructions for accessing our E Platform can be found here. There are many books to choose from and they are available as digital or audio books.

The Poetry Zone is a great place to explore. You can even send your own poem in to be published! 

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home
and at school.

Look, cover, write, check: a wonderful website to assist with spelling.


Times Tables Rockstars 

Numbots (you can use your TTR login to access this). This is a new resource for you to use whilst you are at home. There are ‘Story’ and ‘Challenge’ modes. The faster you are, the trickier it becomes! Explore and have fun. 

We hope you are  finding time to access the lessons by Gareth Metcalfe on his YouTube channel website throughout the week. They are live at 9 a.m. but you’ll be able to watch them anytime if this clashes with something else you are doing (probably a Joe Wicks workout!). He came and worked with teachers at Meadowside in January and we thought he was brilliant.


We’ve decided to give everyone in Key Stage 2 the same science investigation each week. This week, it’s a biological investigation about the dispersal of seeds. Dispersal means the way in which the adult plant sends its seeds out into the world to create new plants (offspring). Try the pupil activity (Dandelion Test Flight). You can extend this by designing different forms of seeds and testing how well they fall when you drop them.

Have you watched Maddie Moate live? Last week, she investigated gardens. From Monday 30th March, her theme is “Brilliant Bodies”. She is live on her website or YouTube channel at 11 a.m each day from Monday to Friday. You can also catch up with her shows afterwards on Youtube 


Create a topic book page to answer the question- What was it like to live in an Ancient Greek family? There is a BBC Bitesize page which gives lots of information, but you may want to do some extra research of your own.

Remember to be creative; use a mixture of images and writing and display the information in any way you wish!


There is no geography work set for this week. 

Design Technology

For DT this week, plan a delicious meal that you can make for the rest of your family. Think about the ingredients you can use (talk to your parents, some things aren’t easy to get hold of at the moment!) and whether you want to create a light lunch or an evening meal. Enjoy being chefs and wowing your family with your culinary delights!



We have used Youtube drawing tutorials in class before and you have produced some amazing Art. Have a go at drawing a Spartan Soldier, Ancient Greek Helmet or a Minotaur to add to your topic book. Remember you don’t need to keep up with the video, you can pause and go back as often as you need to.


Create a piece of music to perform for your family. This could mean writing a song to sing, it could be using an instrument you have at home, or maybe you could make your own instrument using things you find around the house or garden. Pots and pans are great for percussion! If your siblings or parents are keen you could always make a band.


We now have free access to premium coding on Tynker. There is also an app available. 

I have created you all a username and password.

Username = willow followed by your initials. Mine would be willowdp

Password = 12345 (you can change this after you login but make sure you remember it!)

I have set a course for you to have a go at. It will help you learn to use the software and also revise some of the science we have looked at this year. The theme is the Solar System and Planet Earth. The tutorial on the left-hand side is a really useful guide to follow. Remember, when I login I can see the progress you have made so be prepared to show off your skills!

Remember to keep safe when you are online. Thinkuknow has some very useful reminders.

Purple Mash is an excellent site that we use regularly at school. You can login from home: 

Username: year6 

Password: Year6 (capital Y!) 

At Scratch, you can create your own animation or game! All you need to do is sign up and login (if you can’t remember your password, create a new account). 

Sploder is great for making your own games but it runs on Flash and might not work on all your devices. Google Chrome is the most effective browser for Sploder. 

Physical Education

Most of you will have seen Joe Wicks , The Body Coach, in action by now. Can you create your own ‘home workout’? You can magpie some of Joe’s moves and create some of your own. Remember to include a warm-up section and a cooling down/ stretching section at the end. Challenge someone in your family to complete your work-out!

Joe will continue with his 9am live workouts too! View his page here.

Personal, Social, Health, and Citizens Education

What is kindness?

Answer this question by drawing, writing or doing something to demonstrate it. Have a look at some of the examples of short stories and poems on the Kindness UK website for inspiration.


French Games is an excellent website which looks at simple, everyday French words. There are mini tutorials followed by games and activities. 

Week 2: Colours.  

Extra ideas

1) King Midas is a legend (a story told over time which is said to be true) from the time of Ancient Greece. Have a look at the different versions below. Familiarise yourself with the story. You could act some of it out, create a story map or even create a piece of art based on the story. 

King Midas Story

King Midas Comic Strip


2) You could use Scratch to retell a part of the Legend of the Trojan Horse (Troy story!).