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Remote Learning

Key Information

Below you will find our Remote Learning Statement. This has been written to help you understand what we are able to offer your child during a whole school lockdown: 

Remote Learning statement. Lockdown 2021

The document below is to use when we are not in a whole school lockdown. This covers a variety of different scenarios. 

Remote learning flowchart – for use when not in Lockdown.

The remote learning policy below outlines our desire to continue to deliver high quality teaching whilst children are not at school.

Remote Learning policy

At Meadowside, we are using Microsoft Teams as our Remote Learning Platform. This provides a safe, secure and easy to navigate system for children to learn on. We have developed an annex to our Safeguarding policy to safeguard our children and staff when working remotely. 

Annex to Safeguarding Policy (Remote Learning)


School software and assistance

Using Microsoft Teams

Logging in and general use

Viewing and handing in assignments

Receiving Feedback

How to access Teams via Xbox or Playstation