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Week 5: Inventions

Welcome to the Writing Hub!

Each week, we will post a piece of text, an image or a video for you to respond to. You can record your writing in the comments section below or write it in your English book. These tasks are designed for the whole school to have a go at. If you find writing tricky, then ask a grown up to help you sound it out. You can download a sound mat from Twinkl for free; just use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and search ‘sound mat’.

Remember, all the work from previous weeks stays ‘live’ so if you comment then we will still see it. It may take a while for a comment to appear as a Meadowside adult will have to approve it. 

This week it is all about explanations! 

Wallace and Gromit are two excellent inventors, although some inventions don’t always go to plan! In the video below, Wallace has invented a way to fall asleep easier. 

Have a think about something that would make your life a bit easier at the moment. What could you invent? Write your suggestions in your book or below and explain to us how it works.


39 thoughts on “Week 5: Inventions

  1. Sonny Cawdron

    I think that they should have invented a writing machine to do your own homework to make life easier to write.

    1. Mr Port Post author

      Now that would be a good invention! I love that you and you Sonny both wanted to make work easier! How would it work?

  2. Charlotte

    I think that they should make an invention to do all of your chores for you! This way it would make your life so much easier so then parents will not be bugging you all the time about doing them and the parents would not have to do them either so it is a win win! 🙂

    1. Mr Port Post author

      I like your thinking, Charlotte! Thanks for thinking of the parents – I’m sure mum and dad would appreciate this! Well done.

  3. Harry Sims

    i would make a machiene that makes
    money every minute of the day so you would rich. you would have to insert paper evey day and it would shoot the money into my walet

  4. Mr Port Post author

    I would invent a robotic nappy changer. It would be a very helpful item in my household! It would have several robotic hands, one of which would hold down a very wriggly 2 year old. The other hands would be preparing the new nappy and disposing of the ‘old’ one (eugh!). My marvellous machine would be environmentally friendly and run on the ‘waste’ that is produced by the twins. It would definitely save me time and it would definitely save me from stinky nappies!

    1. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷


  5. Beth meadows

    I think that everyone one should have this machine because if u cant sleep just get this machine and there u go (sleep time!) But u might need a pet to do this because u might need to count sheep!!! Props a smart pet to do this with. I bet everyone cant sleep one night so just get this machine sleep time once again. If i had a chance to make a machine i would build a cat maker so i can have every single cat in the planet hehe!!! What would u make??

    1. Mr Port Post author

      A cat maker! I love this idea. I wonder how mum and dad would feel about the amount of cat hair around the house. You’d need a LOT of cat flaps to keep the cat traffic moving!
      One small thing, Beth. Make sure you use ‘you’ instead of ‘u’ when using the writing hub. Thanks!

      1. Mr Port Post author

        That would save me a lot of time in my house! The watermelon idea is a fab one. Well done, Jack.

  6. Kaiden Ingram

    you could make a little machine that could stop time so that if your in a sports game or an other activity and you could stop time to hit the ball or something and it would have to be small to fit in something when your playing sports or something else

  7. Kayla Thornhill Year 4

    I would make a time machine that would go into the future, so I could be back at school with all my friends & this horrible virus would be gone & my arm would be healed & I could go back to gymnastics

  8. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷

    I would invent a pill shaped seed that when you plant it in your garden and water it you get a world of football and chocolate but you would have to defeat all of the people who do experiments on live animals and at the end you would find a door that is locked . You would have to spell the word ANTIVIVISECTIONIST to be able to get through the door.

  9. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷


  10. emma y5

    I would invent a healing machine where if there was a virus like this one, you can use the machine to make it go away, like colds and things like that. SO WE CAN SEE OUR FRIENDS AGAIN, because I am sick of the corona virus!!!!!

    1. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷YEAR5

      Why didn`t I think of that🧠🤓🤨😶😫😤🙃😟😨🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯💖🚗

  11. Charlie Ward Year 6


    – unload and load dishwasher
    – take out recycling
    – dry and put away dishes
    – put away my stuff
    – hoovering my room
    – bring me snacks and drinks

    And I still get my pocket money…..

  12. Oliver Riley

    A Robot that can give you anything you want without moving any muscle so you can be a couch potato like me!

    1. SKYE KIRK💩🤑😷

      Ha! I am a couch potato too. The only way that I would get up without being dragged outside is to code on the computer

  13. Izzy Ward year 3

    I would have a get changed chair.
    This will get me changed into the outfit I like and quickly.
    This gives me more time to watch my favourite program.

    1. Sarah Bouvier

      An interesting idea!
      But what if it changes you into an outfit that is meant for your brother? Or an outfit you REALLY don’t like!😂

  14. Bella Whitlock

    I would invent a mood machine so when you were grumpy you step inside the machine then it would put you in a good mood all day and I would also invent a machine that would stop this virus and we could all come back to school and see all of you.

  15. Daisy Smith

    I would LOVE a SPAWNER that spawns anything you would like, for example, if your DOGGIE has biten right through your favourite ball, you can just spawn a new one (this has happened before
    🙁 )

  16. Sam-Year 6

    I would invent a machine that could complete games up to 100% so then if I’m bad or fail at a part then it could do the part I couldn’t do and also complete any game at any time I want it to.

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