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Writing Hub: Week 5, McDonalds!

Welcome to the Writing Hub!

Each week, we will post a piece of text, an image or a video for you to respond to. You can record your writing in the comments section below or write it in your English book. These tasks are designed for the whole school to have a go at. If you find writing tricky, then ask a grown up to help you sound it out. You can download a sound mat from Twinkl for free; just use the code CVDTWINKLHELPS and search ‘sound mat’.

Remember, all the work from previous weeks stays ‘live’ so if you comment then we will still see it. It may take a while for a comment to appear as a Meadowside adult will have to approve it. 

This week it’s all about agreeing or disagreeing. 

McDonalds is the best fast food restaurant on the planet. 

Do you agree or disagree? Create your sentence or paragraph, making sure you give a clear reason/s for your answer. You don’t have to like fast food to answer this question… 

46 thoughts on “Writing Hub: Week 5, McDonalds!

  1. Jess

    I agree a bit because McDonalds is great and yummy . But some people disagree maybe because it could be messy , food orders can be stressful and the meat might be greasy and fatty.

  2. Skye Kirk💩

    I strongly disagree. I think chinese is the best fast food on the planet.🌍
    McDonalds is the 3rd best food in the planet, the second is KFC. Any way, the reason I like chinese so much is because I love chicken balls,rice and chunky,salty chips.
    I also like the sweet and sour sauce with a chunk of pineapple that I never get😭.

    1. Mrs Iles

      Hi Skye. I wonder why you never get that chunk of pineapple. Do you think there is a law of physics that says Skye won’t get the pineapple? My favourite take away is fish and chips. I love munching on the crispy, crunchy bits of batter. Dipping the juicy, fat chips into a sweet, fruity tomato sauce is just divine. In fact, i’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  3. Annie Year 1

    I disagree. I think five guys is better because they do better burgers, chips and milkshakes. As a treat we go to five guys then the cinema.

    1. Miss Akhurst

      I love a milkshake too Annie! Hopefully it won’t be too long until you will be able to visit Five Guys and the cinema for a treat again!

    1. Jamie Sapsed


  4. Oliver Riley

    I disagree that Macdonald’s is the best food. My favourite food is Dominos pizza, cheese and tomato. Macdonald’s is the 2nd best.

  5. Jacob Brown

    No. McDonalds is not the best because it does not have the big chicken. Chinese is the best. Also, Chinese has the nice beef in the spicy sauce. Chinese also has noodles and McDonalds doesn’t.

    1. Miss Akhurst

      It sounds like you enjoy a good variety of foods Jacob! I also like noodles from the Chinese!

    1. Mrs Iles

      Ethan – do they put the cookies onto a pizza? That would be interesting – a sweet pizza. What else might you put onto a sweet pizza? Ice cream? Perhaps not until the pizza came out of the oven!

  6. Evie Fletchers

    I agree, I think McDonalds is the best fast food on the plant. My favourite meal is Chicken McNuggets and Fries and I am missing them very much during lockdown. My mum does try to make them at home for me, but they are not the same at all.

  7. Beth M

    I think McDonalds because its the best food on the PLANET!!!! I do like KFC too. I kinda disagree because it takes a long time. Sometimes if they are out of time its mayhem the food is really nice the chips are crispy and fresh (sometimes) Oliver used to call it “chip nonal” Domino’s is really good the cookies are the best!!!!!!!

  8. Jeremy

    Rory Y3 – I disagree because I like KFC better. KFC has the best chicken drumsticks, Better chips, burgers and the best popcorn chicken. I also prefer Chinese, especially the spring rolls. They are so delicious.

    Brody Y1 – I agree because McDonalds has the best cheese burgers, chicken nuggets and fries. I also like battered sausage and chip shop chips.

    We miss having our takeaways.

    1. Sarah Bouvier

      My daughter would agree with you Rory… she loves a Chinese takeaway too! My favourite Chinese is special chow mein!

  9. Jamie Sapsed

    No! I definitely disagree! KFC is FOR SURE the BEST fast food on the planet! You can have your self a giant variety of chicken [popcorn chicken is by far deh best] and drinks!

    1. Mrs Iles

      Jamie, you definitely have a future ahead of you in advertising. That last description of the chips is amazing. It would convince millions to visit Maccie D’s if it was put on a poster or into an advertisement on TV or Youtube. I’m very impressed!

  10. Charlie Ward Year 6

    I disagree that McDonald’s is the best fast food restaurant, my choice would be Five Guys because the burgers are way bigger and taster.

  11. Jack Organ

    I disagree since KFC has alot of chicken and I LOVE CHICKEN so i think KFC is best. Mc’Donalds is 2nd best for me! 😀

  12. Jack Organ

    If i went to both I wouldn’t really know which would be better but i get alot of better food on KFC and i always get happy meals on Mc’Donalds >:(

  13. Daisy Smith

    I personally agree that McDonalds is the best. Their french fries are SO stunning! i LOVE them! And the chicken nuggets. I rate them 5/5, and the rest of the food I would also rate 5/5. I can’t even start on about how good Dominos is. It’s AMAZING! It’s 5/5!! My second favourite pizza fast food joint is Pizza Hut. I would rate the food 4/5 there.

  14. Isabelle m

    McDonald’s is the best take away because it comes with toys and Mcflurry yum. My favourite Mcflurry is OREO.

  15. George m

    I disagree because even though I like burger, chips and chicken nuggets I mostly like popcorn chicken from KFC more.

  16. Joseph Smith

    McDonalds is the best restaurant because its very good. I love chicken nuggets. I like how the burgers look but I don’t eat them. I would love Mcdonalds to do hotdogs, I love them and if they don’t do them i’m gonna go crazy. I love the french fries very much. I used to love the burgers.

    1. Miss Akhurst

      A hot dog is a good idea Joe! Do you think they would call it a McHot dog? Or just a McDog? I bet they sell hot dogs in McDonald’s from other countries – there are all sort of exciting things in other countries! I think the most unusual thing I have read about is the McChoco Potato which is chips in chocolate sauce which they sell in Japan!

  17. Bella Y4

    I am in the middle. I do really like Macdonalds for a treat, but I also enjoy other fast food places like Dominos, KFC and the Cornish House in town. I really enjoy that because they have delicious sausage rolls and yum yums . If it went in order then Macdonalds and the Cornish Bake House would come first, then it would go KFC and then Dominos. I do really like Macdonalds. In particular I love the burgers and the chicken nuggets! They are AMAZING…oh and the chips are so nice. I would rate Macdonalds 4.5 out of five because the food is so nice and it is fun because of the little happy meal boxes.

  18. Cerys Weaving

    I love McDonalds , KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos and Chinese food .I agree with Skye that Chinese food is the best because it is delicious, and lots of food to choose from. I love prawn crackers, egg fried rice.

  19. Emma Perry Xx ❤️

    I think McDonalds 🍔🍟🍦is the best fast food place by far THINK ABOUT IT the yummy salty chips 🍟and delicious cheese burgers 🍔and don’t get me started on the chicken nuggets JUST THE BEST 👍💯

  20. savannah ridgway

    I strongly agree that mcdonalds is the best because it is my favourite and I love it. It is so nice as a treat, I love the milkshakes and fries.

  21. Kayla Thornhill Year 4

    I strongly agree that McDonalds is the best, I love having McDonald’s as a treat & I can’t wait for it to open again & KFC is my second favourite

  22. Dylan Y5😁😁

    I definitely disagree 🤮because every time we go there we have to wait twenty minutes to get our food 😴😴even though its “fast food.” The food there is decent but still not as luscious as China Garden. OMG! The food there is mind blowing,🤯🤯 the flavoursome, delicious chow mein🍜🍝….. My mouth is watering just at the thought of it!😋🤤🤤 Mcdonalds is not even in my top 3 which are: China Garden, KFC and Burger KING.I rest my case🍔

  23. Sam-Year 6

    In my opinion I don’t have a best fast food restaurant but if I did I definitely agree that McDonalds is the best fast food restaurant because their fries are outstanding and the fish figures are the best I’ve had. But when it’s a very, very special treat it’s the best time you’ve had.

  24. Sonny Cawdron

    I agree that McDonald’s is the best fast food restaurant there is because the food what they make is super yummy and greasy to eat but their milk shakes I don’t really like because my Brother Harley threw up on a banana one so I don’t tend to get a drink from there.

  25. Izzy Slade:)

    I agree because the chips are so so nice and they have a nice fell to it when you put them in your mouth and I would eat anything in mcdonalds evn if I drop it on the floor

  26. Chloe (Year 1)

    I agree with this. McDonalds have the best chips and chicken nuggets and they put it together in a pack with a toy too!
    They have two places… you can drive through or sit in! If you go into McDonalds you can play on a game whilst your mummy or daddy gets your food and theirs. You can also go into the play area.
    The McFlurry icecream is delicious although sometimes Mummy says ‘The food is too cold!’
    The End.

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