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Important Documents: Covid-19

Please check the Remote Learning page for any queries you have if your child is absent from school due to Covid.

The Department for Education has provided us with a fund to help children across the country catch-up on the education that has been missed. At Meadowside, we have outlined our plan to spend this money in the document below. 

Catch Up Funding Premium 2021

Meadowside runs very differently during a Lockdown and we have developed a Child Protection Policy to stay up to date with the changes that Lockdown presents. 

Annex to Child Protection Policy – Covid 19

At Meadowside, we are using Microsoft Teams as our Remote Learning Platform. This provides a safe, secure and easy to navigate system for children to learn on. We have developed an annex to our Safeguarding policy to safeguard our children and staff when working remotely.

Annex to Safeguarding Policy (Remote Learning)

There may be some anxiety around pupil absence during the pandemic. Please click the link below to find out how this is managed at Meadowside. 

Covid-19 Pupil Absence Reference Guide

Social-distancing measures mean that we have to consider how we manage behaviour at Meadowside differently during these times. The appendix below is designed to address the new measures we have put in place. 

Behaviour Policy Appendix

Our Risk Assessment is updated every time there is a change in government guidance. It was last reviewed in January 2021 and the next review date is March 2021, before Meadowside reopens fully. 

GCC COVID 19 Risk Assessment for Educational Settings September 2021

GCC COVID 19 Risk Assessment for Educational Settings   March 2021

Hopefully, this section below will answer any other questions you have about Covid-19. 

Covid-19 Meadowside FAQs