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Year 1: Yew

Welcome to Yew Class!

A note for Parents and Carers:

The Home Learning Hub is looking a little bit different this term! With more children at Meadowside and a different staffing structure, we have had to make the following changes:

* Staff will upload new content to the Hub ready for the Thursday of each week. This is because Meadowside is closed on a Wednesday so staff have time to prepare the activities thoughtfully.

* We have thought about the content that is really important during this time. PSHCE will have a focus on well-being; maths will focus on the key objectives for that year group; English will use a book as the key to unlocking learning; P.E will focus on the physical well-being; Topic work will encourage us to remain curious.

* For Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, wherever possible, the content on the Learning Hub will reflect the content taught at school.  

Wednesday 15th July

Dear Year 1, 

What a year we have had this year! It is a shame we cannot end the year together but it has been a delight to get to work with each of you and see you flourish and grow as time has gone on. All of the Year 1 team are so proud of how you have handled all of the changes that have happened this year and it has been so lovely to have been able to work with some of you again since we have been allowed to return to school. Thank you to each and every one of you who sent us pictures, letters, e-mails and photos, and spoke to us on the phone while things were more uncertain; it was great to know that although you had to stay at home, you were safe and you were happy!

We have no doubt at all that you will make wonderful Year 2 children and will be excellent role models for the younger children in Key Stage One. 

There is no official work set for the summer holidays – you need some time to relax and recharge ready for the new adventures that await you when you return to Year 2! But, stay curious, if there is something that interests you, explore it! If you have the chance to be creative, take it! Why not give the summer reading challenge a go too – there are lots of fun opportunities to keep your brain active while you rest and relax!

Have a fantastic summer holiday and we cannot wait to welcome you all back in September!

Miss Akhurst, Mrs Stevens, Mrs Weaving and Mrs Emery

Timetable and resources: Thursday 9th July - Wednesday 15th July

Timetable and resources: Thursday 2nd July - Wednesday 8th July

Like last week, there are some pictures attached to the planning from the book we have been sharing in school. It is still a mystery book to us at the moment – all will be revealed next week!

Home Learning Hub 2nd July to 8th July Y1


The 2nd of July would have seen us visiting Warwick Castle to finally become knights in our Medieval Madness topic.The castle is opening back up to the public from this weekend so you might like to take a visit there some time in the future! In school we are going to be taking this brilliant virtual tour to still experience the castle if you’d like to take a look for yourselves!

Timetable and resources: Thursday 25th June - Wednesday 1st July

This week I have included some pictures from the book we are sharing together in school so you can have a go at the same kinds of activities at home. I am keeping the book title a secret for now (the pictures are all you will need!) 

Home Learning Hub 25th June to 1st July Y1

Timetable and resources: Thursday 18th June - Wednesday 24th June

Timetable and resources: Thursday 11th June - Wednesday 17th June


Twinkl has a really good set of short reads with some questions you can share which you can find here

I have been watching the Phonics lessons created by the Department for Education and I know some of you have been getting involved too! You can find these videos here. Last week’s lessons will remain on the channel if you wanted to go back to any of them. 

Don’t forget about the games in your Purple Phonics folder! You can also find some great phonics games on Phonics Play which is currently free to use.

Instructions for accessing our E Platform can be found here. There are many books to choose from and they are available as digital or audio books


Our access to Numbots will expire at the end of June, some of you are so close to achieving new badges and robots – keep going – you’ll be very speedy in your calculations after this! 

Extra ideas

If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher at home, learn how to properly load it and put things away. Your grown ups will be very grateful to you for helping them out! If you don’t have a dishwasher at home, why not help out with the washing or drying up of plates and bowls?

Learn the names of some plants or birds that you see in your garden or during your exercise.

Make your bed every morning! It’s amazing how much nicer your room will look when you’ve made your bed! You could even learn how to put a pillow into a pillow case so you can help with changing your bed.

Learn how to tie a shoelace – this is a skill that will be helpful throughout your life!