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Year 1: Yew

Welcome to Yew Class!

Monday 30th March 2020

Week 2

Dear Year 1, 

We hope you all had a good first week doing some learning from home and that you managed to make the most of the lovely weather by playing in your gardens or going for a short walk with your family. Here are some more ideas for you to look at this week – remember this is a great time to explore some of the things you are interested in too! If you want to complete a little project on animals or trains or something that you are passionate about then by all means do! All learning is valuable, no matter the subject or method that you go about it!

Have a good week and we will be back in touch soon!

Miss Akhurst, Mrs Stevens, Mrs Weaving and Mrs Emery



This week, why not write some activities you can do in your house/garden onto strips of paper (you may need an adult to approve some of your ideas!). Fold up your strips and pop them into a jar/bowl/cup. When you can’t decide which activity to do, use your strips to help you choose! These activities could be a range of learning tasks and some free time play tasks too! 

Don’t forget to visit the Writing Hub for a weekly task for all of the children at Meadowside. You can write your response in your book, or in the comments section.



We will leave the links to various websites from last week below (and hopefully add some more in weeks to come!) In addition to these, why not talk to someone else at home (a sibling, a grown up, you may even be able to Skype a different family member or friend!) and find out what their favourite book was as a child. See if you can get hold of a copy (either physically or online – YouTube has a wealth of stories if ePlatform cannot help) and read it! Then read your favourite story to them! 

We sent home all purple Phonics folders – there are plenty of games and activities in there that you can go back and play again. You might even feel creative enough to make your own games! Miss Akhurst loves making (and playing!) games so if you come up with any good ones, she would love to know! You can also find some great phonics games on Phonics Play which is currently free to use.

As a school, we subscribe to First News, a newspaper for children. We often have the newspapers as one of our Guided Reading activities, here are four child friendly news stories you might like to read and they even have some questions you could answer to go with them! (Miss Akhurst loves the story about the penguins!)

Instructions for accessing our E Platform can be found here. There are many books to choose from and they are available as digital or audio books.

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home and at school.


We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about money last week – this is something that you will encounter throughout your life so if you’ve been playing shops or any simple money adding games – keep them up! It will be a great skill!

This week, have a look at time. Can you still remember how to tell time to the nearest hour and half an hour on an analogue clock? It has been a little while since we looked at this so you might need a reminder! You could play some matching games, have a go at drawing some clocks and their hands, you could try timetabling a small chunk of your day if you really wanted to! You might even just ask your grown ups at home to quiz you on the time throughout the day.

You can also have a go at ordering the days of the week and months of the year. Learn when your birthday is and find out when other members of your family were born. You could create your own calendar and put some important events on to it! You could even do some time calculations – for example: “My birthday is 5 months after Christmas.”  

Numbots seems to be working well for lots of you! We are so pleased to see how many coins some of you are managing to earn – your brains must be getting a good work out! Some of you have earned so many stars you’ve been able to unlock challenge mode! Well done! If you have not yet had a go maybe see if you can this week. Each game is very short so you are able to limit screen time to just a few quick games if you would like. The ‘Story’ mode focuses on some key skills such as subitizing (knowing the number of items without needing to count them each time) and simple addition/subtraction. The faster you are, the trickier it becomes! Explore and have fun. 


If you saw any of Maddie Moate’s videos last week you will know she was focusing on the garden. You may have seen her looking at flowers on Tuesday. She did a flower dissection which would be easy to replicate at home (please ask a grown up before you damage any flowers!) You might also want to give this experiment a try and see if you can dye any flowers exciting colours using food colouring! 

Maddie Moate’s videos can be found on her website or YouTube channel at 11 a.m. You can also watch the ones she did last week if you wanted to catch up!

We use a website in school for some quick Science lessons from time to time called Explorify. You could use this website for some ideas of types of activity and then create your own! A favourite of ours is the Zoom In Zoom Out – this promotes questioning and logic and would be easy to replicate with objects at home with a mobile phone camera! But there are so many ideas on there that you may like to explore.


We sent home some ideas of things you might like to do in your topic book. Have a go at completing the page about the British Great you were planning to be in our assembly.


Speak to the members of your family and have a go at plotting some of the places they have been on a map. You could do this on as small or grand a scale as you like! You could look at a local map of Quedgeley/Gloucestershire, a map of England, a map of the UK or even a world map! 

If you are lucky enough to have visited another country (or if your grown-ups have) see if you can work out which continent those places are in, which ocean are they closest to? 

Design Technology

After the excitement of our recreation of Pudding Lane, why not have a go at creating another Tudor house (the burning is optional this time!) 


Create a collage of your “favourites”. This could be drawings, paintings, photos, print outs or cut outs from a magazine etc. Include all the things that are your favourite – your favourite animal, colour, sport, food, place to go, toy, film, book etc. Be as imaginative as you like! 


Ask your grown ups at home what their favourite music was when they were your age. Give it a listen and see if you like it!


Purple Mash is an excellent site that we use regularly at school. You can login from home (providing you can remember our login! (Hint – we have been using this every computing session since January – don’t forget the capital letter!).

Physical Education

Miss Akhurst did her first yoga session this week using Cosmic Kids Yoga and what a lot of fun it was! If you’d like to give it a try there are all sorts of routines here and plenty of characters and stories you will recognise as you go through the session! 

You’ve probably heard that Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is doing a daily workout at 9 a.m. for children whilst schools are closed. What a way to start the day! View his page here.

You might also want to create your own Wake and Shake! Choose a song, create a routine or even freestyle it! 

Personal, Social, Health, and Citizens Education

Some of you might have found adjusting to working at home a little bit tricky, so this week we have a little challenge for you! Create your own “Certificate of Kindness” and award it to someone in your family who you think has done something kind. You could keep track of them over a day or even a week before you award it but we are sure it will put a smile on people’s faces if you spot something kind they have done! This could be something kind they have done for you or someone else!

Extra ideas

There are no extra ideas set for this week.