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Reception: Maple Class

Welcome to Maple Class!

Week 2

Hello again

Thank you to everyone who has shared what they have been doing on Tapestry this week, it is lovely to see you all. 

This page has some ideas of activities and things you could try at home over the next week. Do not try and do everything in one go, take your time and if your child wants to go off in a slightly different direction feel free to go with it. 

This week we are going to base our activities on the story The Ugly Duckling. 

If you do not have a copy of the story you can find one online here.

There is no expectation to record all the learning, we record very little in Reception, it is all about the experiences. Do not try and do all the activities, I have tried to put in lots of ideas so that you and your child can find some that interest you. 

Have fun and enjoy learning together The Reception team 

Communication and Language

Talk about how the Ugly Duckling was feeling at different times in the story, what could you say to make him feel better?


This week we were going to start counting in 2’s. Can find different things to line up in 2’s? some things come in 2’s: shoes, socks. but you could line up cars, lego bricks etc in 2’s as well. Rather than counting them individually have a go at counting in 2’s : 2 4 6 8 10  to start with and then extend to 20. 

You could make your own counting in 2’s number line. 

Using the chant ‘2 4 6 8 who do we appreciate?  Mummy/   daddy  /  Bob’  (change as needed ) 

If it is nice go outside and devise a game throwing balls or objects into a target. 2 points if you get it in. to keep track of the score you will have to count in 2’s. 


How is your monsters reading getting on?  teach your monster to read.  

Phonics play is another good site to help with phonics. We have just got to the end of Phase three so the children should be very familiar with the sounds and tricky words on this part of the website. 

In your writing book you could have a go at writing a speech bubble for the Ugly duckling. Say it to an adult first and then have a go at writing the words. use phoneme fingers to sound out the words and don’t forget to put in finger spaces between words. 

You, or an adult could draw a duckling in your book. Can you label the different parts? (wing, beek (this is how I would expect them to spell it phonetically, by sounding it out) tail, leg, etc. 

Make some cards for the ugly duckling to cheer him up. 

You could investigate the birds in your garden and make a list of the ones you can see. 

Understanding the World

Take a look at the birds in you garden. can you identify any of them? This might help- RSPB guide.

If you are lucky enough to have some eggs you could do some cooking. when you break the eggs talk about the different parts: shell white, yolk and how these change when you cook them. You could make pancakes, scrambled egg or cakes whatever takes your fancy.  as you cook together talk about the different tools you are using and the processes. 

Physical Development

Practice your cutting skills by making some feathers. First you need a leaf shape and then you do lots of little snips in each side. you could use the feathers to decorate and Easter bonnet.

cooking is also good for fine and gross motor skills. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

There is lots to discuss in this story about how we treat other people. 

In Maple class we have kindness tokens. You could make your own tokens that you can give to each other when someone does or says something kind in your family. (The ones we had at school were just a square of paper with a smiley face) 

Expressive Arts and Design

can you draw a duck? 

I couldn’t but I have learnt. (i did not join, you can see the instructions from this page) 

Easter is also on its way, an excellent opportunity to make some Easter egg bunting, an Easter bonnet or start on an Easter card or 2 for a friend or relative you have not seen for a while. ( writing a short message inside will also be a great idea)