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Year 4: Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class!

Monday 30th March 2020

Week 2

Dear Year 4,

Hello everyone, we hope that you were able to get out in your gardens and enjoy the amazing sunshine;  it was long overdue!  There are lots of activities and ideas on this page to help keep you growing!  

Some are linked to our current topic ‘Extreme’;  feel free to undertake whatever takes your interest or if you have the time, all of it!  Have fun.

Take care of your family; please keep being kind and considerate!

Year Four Beech Team

Mr Mayne, Mrs Joyner and Mrs Hopwood



Don’t forget to visit the Writing Hub for a weekly task for all of the children at Meadowside. You can write your response in your book,or in the comments section.

We hope that you are keeping up your diaries as these will prove really interesting in the future when you re-read them!    

I would like you to write a book review for a book you have recently enjoyed.  Try not to give too much of the plot away.  Here are examples of how you could present your review.   You do not need to print them out but you could copy the layouts.


Instructions for accessing our E Platform can be found here. There are many books to choose from and they are available as digital or audio books.

Keep those reading skills going.  On the 23rd April, we will have the opportunity to celebrate Saint George’s Day and I would like you to find out more about this man.  England is a unique and fantastic place to live;  create a poster to help celebrate why we are so fortunate to live here and any interesting facts about this remarkable country.

The Poetry Zone is a great place to explore. You can even send your own poem in to be published! 

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home
and at school.

Look, cover, write, check: a wonderful website to assist with spelling.


Times Tables Rockstars 

As a class, we are the undisputed kings and queens when it came to battles against other classes this year!  Please keep up your skills as this platform will help keep your multiplication skills sharp!

Numbots (you can use your TTR login to access this). This is a new resource for you to use whilst you are at home. There are ‘Story’ and ‘Challenge’ modes. The faster you are, the trickier it becomes! Explore and have fun. 

Telling the time!  Challenge your child to tell you the time using an analogue clock face.  Please practise to the hour and past the hour and avoid those pesky digital clocks!

Here is a link to a simple set of games from nrich, Dicey Operations in Line.  You will need a dice, paper and pencil.  A 0 to 9 dice is best or you could use this interactive one.

A primary school teacher, called Gareth Metcalfe, is releasing maths lessons on his YouTube channel website on Monday at 9 a.m but you’ll be able to watch them anytime if this clashes with something else you are doing. He came and worked with teachers at Meadowside in January and we thought he was brilliant. 


This week’s science investigation this relates to seed dispersal. Follow the instructions to complete the investigation.

Nature has many different ways of dispersing seeds, you may wish to explore further, for example, or explore what actually happens to an oak seedling over 8 months with time lapse photography.  It’s very relaxing and reminds us that growth is happening all time!

Maddie Moate, from children’s television, is releasing a daily video on her website or YouTube channel at 11 a.m. which promotes curiosity. 


In Year 3, you learned about Roman Pompeii and how a volcano completely changed life in the city.  Is it right for tourists to be able to visit a place where so many people died in the past or should we able to investigate remaining artefacts in order to find out more about how people lived in the past?  Discuss with an adult at home.


Is there a pattern to where active volcanoes are located in the world?  How would you protect yourself from volcanoes if you were unable to leave a volcanic island?

Design Technology

This activity is inspired by Dengineers and requires newspapers/ magazines and some sticky tape.  You may need to raid the recycling box before Thursday and add to your creation over the next few weeks.  What structures can you create?  There are lots of other designs on Youtube and I have a feeling that adults may well enjoy this activity more than children!  No pressure Mr Whitlock, but I expect photo evidence of an impressive build from Whitlock and Daughters Construction Ltd!


Linked to the Music task below!



When I was about your age, my dad introduced me to The Planets, written by a local composer called Gustav Holst.  Each have their own charm but I particularly like Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity at 18: 41 on this recording.  You might wish to gather some different colours and a large sheet or smaller sheets of paper and create sketches as you listen to the music.  You could use a different colour for each planet as see what you produce!


Purple Mash is an excellent site that we use regularly at school. You can login from home (providing you can remember their class login!).

At Scratch, you can create your own animation or game! All you need to do is sign up and login (if you can’t remember your password, create a new account). 

Sploder is great for making your own games but it runs on Flash and might not work on all your devices. Google Chrome is the most effective browser for Sploder. 

Free access to premium coding on Tynker. (we have currently applied for this and will update you on the progress)

Physical Education

You’ve probably heard that Joe Wicks, The Body Coach, is doing a daily workout at 9 a.m. for children whilst schools are closed. What a way to start the day! View his page here.

Go Noodle has been great fun in class, you could subscribe for free and enjoy at home.

If you have a trampoline in the garden, you may be able to adapt some of these activities but stay safe!

Personal, Social, Health, and Citizens Education

Kid President has a message about kindness for you! Remember that your kindness at this difficult time will help life everyone around you.


French Games is an excellent website which looks at simple, everyday French words. There are mini tutorials followed by games and activities. 

Week 2: Numbers 11-20.  

Extra ideas

There are no extra ideas set for this week.