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Year 4: Beech Class

Welcome to Beech Class!

A note for Parents and Carers:

The Home Learning Hub is looking a little bit different this term! With more children at Meadowside and a different staffing structure, we have had to make the following changes:

* Staff will upload new content to the Hub ready for the Thursday of each week. This is because Meadowside is closed on a Wednesday so staff have time to prepare the activities thoughtfully.

* We have thought about the content that is really important during this time. PSHCE will have a focus on well-being; maths will focus on the key objectives for that year group; English will use a book as the key to unlocking learning; P.E will focus on the physical well-being; Topic work will encourage us to remain curious.

* For Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, wherever possible, the content on the Learning Hub will reflect the content taught at school.  


Wednesday 8th July 2020

Dear Beech cherubs,

This is the last class learning page to cover the time we have been apart over Lockdown.  I am delighted by the way that you have looked after yourselves and your families during a challenging period!  We loved working with you and I swell with pride when I think of the way you have engaged with Year Four and grown.  Your school reports recognise your many achievements this year and no doubt you will enjoy sharing them with parents and adults at home.  We would have loved to have seen the year out together but hopefully, you all have stories to tell and much that you are looking forward to sharing when we meet together after the Summer Holiday.  It was a pleasure teaching you and we wish you all the very best.

Stay safe and look after yourselves,

Much love, Mr Mayne, Mrs Joyner and Mrs Hopwood

Timetable and Resources: Week 1


Thursday 11th June

Friday 12th June

Monday 15th June

Tuesday 16th June

Wednesday 17th June


Book of Hopes ‘Searching for Treasure’ p. 43 to 46

Do you identify more with Alex or George?  Write a brief paragraph in the first person, as George about what you can see through the binoculars at the end of the story.  Be imaginative and use exciting. Descriptive language.

Talk to an adult at home about what you think the meaning of the story is.  Create your own treasure map and include interesting sounding places and features!  You created amazing treasure maps in KS1 as part of your pirate topic so be creative!

Write a list poem with two adjectives and a noun to describe what the boys might see in the mist, e.g. beautiful, ornate birds.

Oak Academy  Poetry: Reading

Comprehension –


Oak Academy Features of Poetry


Gareth Metcalfe lesson from Monday 8th June. Scroll down the page.

Follow up

Gareth Metcalfe lesson from Tuesday 9th June. Scroll down the page.

Follow up

Gareth Metcalfe lesson from Wednesday 10th June.

Scroll down the page.

Follow up

Oak Academy

Measure: Time – Marathon Training

Oak Academy

Measure: Money – The price of stamps


Take 5 minutes and lie in a safe space, for example your garden or on your bed, at a quiet time of the day.  Try to stay as quiet as possible and try to identify at least 3 things you can hear/ see/ smell/ touch.

Use this grounding technique indoors.  

Now you know what to do, use yesterday’s technique outdoors.

Write a card/ postcard to someone who you care about to tell them why they are important to you!

Write a list of 5 positive things that you have tried/ rediscovered or learned about yourself since lockdown started.  Explain to an adult why you chose them.


How many star jumps can you perform in 2 minutes without stopping?

Can you beat yesterday’s record?  If you can, why not run for 3 minutes and then try the star jump challenge fo r2 minutes.  Why is it more difficult?

Use a skipping rope and take the challenge!

Go on a walk with an adult.  Your challenge is to try and notice new things around you and to remain positive for the whole of the walk. 

Still skipping?  Hopefully, you are a little less out of breath and you can skip for longer before getting tangled.  How high can you lift your feet?


Create your own origami treasure chest and decorate it 

What treasure would you put in your treasure box?  Items would be priceless to you, but their value may be more sentimental than financial.  You could list/ draw/ paint/ create items to go into your chest.

You are only allowed to put 5 songs or pieces of music in your treasure chest.  What are your current 5 most treasured pieces?

Can you re-create one by either singing, whistling the tune or using a musical instrument.

Create a painting of rainbow tree using watercolours. 

If you were going off on an adventure to find treasure at the end of a rainbow, which two companions would you choose and why? 

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 18th June - Wednesday 24th June

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 25th June - Wednesday 1st July

Home Learning Hub starting Thursday 25th June

Fitness Challenge

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 2nd July - Wednesday 8th July

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 9th July