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Year 3: Silver Birch

Welcome to Silver Birch Class!

A note for Parents and Carers:

The Home Learning Hub is looking a little bit different this term! With more children at Meadowside and a different staffing structure, we have had to make the following changes:

* Staff will upload new content to the Hub ready for the Thursday of each week. This is because Meadowside is closed on a Wednesday so staff have time to prepare the activities thoughtfully.

* We have thought about the content that is really important during this time. PSHCE will have a focus on well-being; maths will focus on the key objectives for that year group; English will use a book as the key to unlocking learning; P.E will focus on the physical well-being; Topic work will encourage us to remain curious.

* For Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, wherever possible, the content on the Learning Hub will reflect the content taught at school.  


Wednesday 1st July

Dear Year 3,

 I hope you all enjoyed your second round of teams calls this week, it has been lovely to be able to see most of you and catch up with what you have been doing. We are getting close to the end of the year now and what an unusual one it has been. Well done for keeping those smiles throughout! We have all really enjoyed teaching you this year and wish we could have spent the entire year together but the world had a different idea!

We have chosen My Favourite Game (p.329-331) from The Book of Hopes and we really hope you enjoy viewing the world from a different perspective. Let’s finish the year in style even if we aren’t altogether like we would like to be.

From Mrs Bouvier, Mrs Parker and Mrs Smith 

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