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Year 2: Apple

Welcome to Apple Class!

Monday 23rd March 2020

Week 2

Dear Year 2,

We hope you have enjoyed your first week of home learning and have been able to think of lots of different ways to keep busy! Remember- these ideas are only a small selection of things you could do, so if you have an idea of something else to research or a project to create, do it! You could always bring them in to school when we are back to share what you have been doing. 

Lots of my ideas this week have come from messages on TV of helping each other by staying apart. This week, make the effort to reach out to people, even if it is only in a virtual or distanced way!  We are very lucky nowadays that technology can help us see and speak to people in other houses every day if we want to. But, there’s nothing wrong with a good old letter or postcard! You never know, it might make someone’s day!

Have fun

Miss Mellersh and Mrs King



Don’t forget to visit the Writing Hub for a weekly task for all of the children at Meadowside. You can write your response in your book,or in the comments section. It was lovely to see that some of you did post in here this week- did you spot my replies? 

 Phonics Play is currently free and has lots of games for you to play to help you remember the graphemes you have learnt.  To practise your spellings, go to Look, Cover, Write, Check. Here, you can choose the Year 2 common words and practise your spellings in their games!

It was amazing to see and hear my neighbours clapping and cheering for the NHS workers on Thursday night this week- what a show of community spirit! It made me think of how grateful they would be to receive letters of appreciation- you could write a letter thanking them for all their hard work and selflessness. If you know an NHS worker personally, you could physically post your letter as part of your daily exercise. (Either to their house or via Royal Mail!) If you don’t know anyone, ask your parents if they would post your letter on social media- it would be amazing to see letters of thanks popping up all over the internet to show how much we care! (Remember to use correct punctuation and a range of sentences, using conjunctions where you can!)


Instructions for accessing our E Platform can be found here. There are many books to choose from and they are available as digital or audio books.

Oxford Owl is an award-winning website to help support children’s learning, both at home
and at school.

Keeping with the theme of community, I am sure that you are all starting to miss your extended family (grandparents, cousins, step brothers or sisters etc). Some of you may have been able to talk to them via video or Skype. Why not read them a bedtime story this week, and then ask them to return the favour! Ask them to tell you what their favourite story was when they were little and then try to find it!  My mum (Mrs Mellersh who you met last year!) says that my favourite book was called “Isobel and the Land of the Pink Bears”… sadly it is now out of print and quite rare! I did find a picture of the front cover, though!–> Isobel In The Land Of The Pink Bears by Carruth, Jane - 1965


Times Tables Rockstars –Some of you contacted me to say it was getting a bit boring doing the same few calculations over and over again, so I have changed the settings so you should now get a range of the 2, 5, and 10 times tables- INCLUDING DIVISION!!!!  So make sure you practise both! 

Numbots (you can use your TTR login to access this). The faster you are, the trickier it becomes! I got up to level 32 this week- see if you can beat me!

Gareth Metcalfe, is continuing his YouTube channel website on Tuesday at 9 a.m this week.

To access the Maths Reasoning First games, you will need to email me so I can give you your username (I forgot to give them out on Friday- sorry!) You can email me on and I will let you know your child’s details. 

We were due to learn how to tell the time to 5 minutes this week on an analogue clock (the ones with hands)… in Year 1 you learnt how to tell the time to o’clock and half past- use this information to make yourself a routine of things starting on the hour or at half past. You could even set yourself some time challenges- see if you can sit still for 1 minute, then see how many star jumps you can do in 1 minute… 1 minute can seem very long or very short, depending on what you are doing!!! Ask people to time you so you can ‘feel’ how long each amount of time really is. We use Online Stopwatch when doing our 99 club. You could always set that, if you don’t have a stopwatch or watch at home!



Maddie Moate, from children’s television, is releasing a daily video on her website or YouTube channel at 11 a.m. which promotes curiosity. 

Use Explorify to see what things look like up close. You could even use a mobile phone and zoom right in to random objects!! (Ask the phone owner’s permission!)

Why not try some horticulture this week and get out in the garden to do some weeding or planting. You could begin a growing project and ask your families to show you how to care for the plants in your garden properly! 

You could even try some chemistry and do some cooking/ baking. Weigh the ingredients out yourself and then you’re adding maths into the mix, too! 


Look in your topic books for ideas to continue our What Makes Britain Great? topic- complete your page for the British Great you were going to dress up as. If you already have your costume- wear it!!  You could pretend to be this person for a day!  Take a photo and stick it in your topic book, if you can!


Everyone is allowed out for some local daily exercise. This week, why not give yourself the extra challenge of really taking notice of the route you take- whether you turn left or right, what important buildings you pass, and what the main features of the paths/ roads are. (I think people are exchanging the rainbows for teddies this week, so you could always spot this information on too!) When you get back, try drawing this as a map on a piece of plain paper.

The next day, take your map with you and try and follow the exact same route, using your paper map. Did you make a perfect map or were there things you had forgotten? Add these amendments when you get home! 

Design Technology

There are no DT tasks from me this week- feel free to come up with your own!


There are no art tasks from me this week- feel free to come up with your own!


Whilst you are reading to your families and finding out about their history, ask them about their favourite music! What songs were around when they were young? This website here-Playback FM will even tell you what song was the Number 1 on the day that you were born!

Compare the Number 1 song from your day of birth with your parents and even grandparents- can you find similar themes, rhythms, patterns or melodies? Which do you like more? 

The number 1 on my day of birth was Together We Are Beautiful by Fern Kinney! Listen here


Purple Mash is an excellent site that we use regularly at school. You can login from home (providing you can remember their class login!). was a website we used last term to help us with our coding skills. There were lots of games/ levels we did not have a chance to complete. The best ones to choose from are Star Wars, Frozen, Play Lab or Flappy Code- stick to the ones with Blocks!

Physical Education

I (used to) go to Zumba each week and this week, my instructor Lucy is putting out a Virtual Zumba Kids Class each day at 2.30pm. I thought it would be nice to support her local business this week as she can’t go out to work at the moment either. 

Ask your parents to search for the event on their Facebook page. This link here is the registration page so Lucy knows to expect you! 

I am registered for the class on Tuesday, when I am in school with some of our school family, so sign yourselves up and we can all Zumba together at 2.30pm on Tuesday! 

Personal, Social, Health, and Citizens Education

You have a lot of tasks that centre around talking to other people this week, so focus on being a good listener and asking interesting and interested questions. Don’t just be waiting to speak- listen!

Extra ideas

Why don’t you learn to:

• sew a running stitch

• stack the dishwasher or wash the dishes (properly and carefully!)

• tie your shoelaces