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Year 2: Apple

Welcome to Apple Class!

A note for Parents and Carers:

The Home Learning Hub is looking a little bit different this term! With more children at Meadowside and a different staffing structure, we have had to make the following changes:

* Staff will upload new content to the Hub ready for the Thursday of each week. This is because Meadowside is closed on a Wednesday so staff have time to prepare the activities thoughtfully.

* We have thought about the content that is really important during this time. PSHCE will have a focus on well-being; maths will focus on the key objectives for that year group; English will use a book as the key to unlocking learning; P.E will focus on the physical well-being; Topic work will encourage us to remain curious.

* For Reception, Year 1 and Year 6, wherever possible, the content on the Learning Hub will reflect the content taught at school.  


DATE Term 6 Week 7

Wednesday 15th July

Dear Year 2

By now you should know who your new teacher is for Year 3 and I hope that you are feeling excited about the thought of coming back to school in September! 

Thank you so much for all your hard work over the year. I have really enjoyed teaching you all this year with your lively debates and interesting  chats!!  Thank you for all your hard work over lockdown- and a special thank you to those of you that emailed me some of your work. It helped to make it feel less like I was just talking to myself! (You know how much I hate that!) 

I have opened the lovely picture you got me and I absolutely love it. It is the perfect reminder of our shortened time together and it will help me remember our time even in years to come when COVID19 is just a distant memory! 

I hope you have a wonderful summer holiday and that you relax ready for September. I will see  you across the courtyard then and occasionally around the school!

Thank you and have fun!

Miss Mellersh and Mrs King


P.S. There is no new work for the next 2 days!  Do whatever you love- colouring, sport, watching a film or reading a book. Most of all- have fun!

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 11th - Wednesday 17th June

Week 2– The Book of Hopes- Stronger Than Magic

All the links and resources you need are on the timetable itself, just click the links!

Enjoy the story Stronger Than Magic!

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 18th- Wednesday 24th June

Week 3– The Book of Hopes- Balcony Picnic

All the links you need are on the plan… It is due to be much drier this weekend and in to next week, so you have time to plan before you venture out on your picnic!! 

Enjoy. (Feel free to send me photos of your picnic spread to make me jealous!)

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 25th- Wednesday 1st July

Week 4 – The Book of Hopes- First Contact

I hope you find this story as amusing as I did- I found it amusing because it tricked me first of all!

Thank you to the one person who sent me their picture of their sandwich shaped like a fish!! I enjoyed your poem, too, Max!

Enjoy this week’s work.

UPDATE- 25.6.20- Well spotted Isabel and mum- I had forgotten to change the individual dates on the new timetable!!  I have now updated this so the correct dates are there! Thank you for letting me know!!! 😀 

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 2nd - Wednesday 8th July

Week 5– The Book of Hopes- Consider the Dung Beetle!

This week’s text is all about the tiny dung beetle, who lives the most unusual life and eats dung…. that is, POO!!!!  There are many weird and wonderful creatures in this world, so find out about the dung beetle, then see if you can find something even more unusual! Create a report about it! 

You could choose something from your garden (ants are pretty incredible, once you get to know them) or something more exotic (a praying mantis can look just like a flower… or an alien!!)

The choice is yours!

Timetable and Resources: Thursday 9th - Wednesday 15th July

Week 6– The Book of Hopes- A New Sun Up! This week’s story has another unusual character who uses some very unusual words! Read the story carefully and once you have read the last sentence and worked out what he is, read it all through again, thinking like him so try and figure out what he means!!