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Week 4: Brian and the dogs!

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Poor Brian had often bought things from the market that had turned out to be the most outrageous, disappointing fakes.

What is Brian thinking in this image? We’d like you to write down his thoughts! Be creative, imaginative and funny! 


27 thoughts on “Week 4: Brian and the dogs!

  1. Skye Kirk💩

    There`re are two massive dogs in my back garden. I got them from the market the other day. The stall had a label on it that said fascinating finds. I looked around a bit, there were rare cow socks, one of a kind ear muffs, a telescope from the titanic, canopic jars from the ancient egyptians, a broken glass table that had belonged to the mysterious fortune teller from Lemony Snickets A series of unfortunate events the film version and there was even a historic sculpture of a cave that was labeled cavemen`s gift from the gods even though it looked like someone had made it out of paper mache. I thought that one of them were really cheap so I got it. The cow socks. I knew that they really just the ordinary socks because I found a pack of 10 in H&M last week. so I took them to the till whilst realising that they were 5 sizes to big!
    I thought to myself that how in this world would anyone have as big feet as that. The lady told me that there was an extra part to the socks and then went to get them from the stall next to the one that I was in.
    Here it is that will be £25 then please, she said coming in with two large dogs! TO BE CONTINUED LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………..🧦🔭.

    1. Mrs Iles

      So did the two huge dogs come with the extra parts to the socks? Were the socks specially made to fit the paws of the dogs? In which case, i suppose they’d be in fours rather than in pairs as dogs have four paws. What would it be like, trying to take extra large dogs for a walk? Or perhaps they’d take you for a walk… Would they be so large, they would knock over buildings? Can’t wait to hear from you about what happens next.

      1. Skye Kirk💩

        “I`m not sure how you got those dogs but I`m sure that I don`t have enough room for them. Wait is this a pair of 4 matching socks?” I said to the woman at the till.

        ” Oh yes, you will need two packs of them. One for each dog! These dogs have been here for a couple days now. We found them in the forest. Thank you for taking them on. You are one of a kind !!!!!!!!!”

        I gave her the £25 and took the dogs as well as the socks and left the shop. I took 2 tires off of my nans car on the way back to my house. One tire for their food and another for their water. I had to shove the dogs over the back gate and built them one massive dog hut with a big mattress in side. I have named the dogs. The thin one is called Catana and the taller one Casper. they are sleeping at the minute so I think I should leave them alone for now because If someone wakes them up then they go wild

  2. jessica

    When I picked it of the rusty crusty shelf, The lady at pets at home says its safe but she needs to think again! When i fed them they were fat and HUGE .This is the hundrenth bucket today . I’m not happy with it .I had taken the wrapper of it it reads : magic growing potoin. I WANT A REFUND!

    Oh my my poor dogs are big scary creatures. The lady says she got fired! Yes she got fired!

    1. Port Post author

      Wow, Jess! It was lovely to work with on this. Well done on brilliant effort. I love the twist with the lady from the shop being fired.


    When I picked this up from the shop i thought it would be fine when the woman said that it would just make my dogs grow aroung a couple of centermiters i did not think that my poor dogs would grow 10 feet taller! I did see a masive lead but i did not think of anything of it…. my dogs are bigger then me! I am never going there again, you know what i am going to report them to anyone that will take care of it!!!!!

    1. Mr Port Post author

      Charlotte, this made me giggle! It was lovely to work on this with you at Meadowside. I like the hint of the lead linking in to the size of the dog. Well done!

  4. Beth

    this is the 75th time to fill this water bucket because they are so big! whats happened i’m so small. .I’m never going to that shop AGAIN!!!! How has this happened to my dogs the woman did say they would of grown just a bit well she was wrong my poor dogs have grown 15 feet!! i did see giant leads but i didn’t know what they meant now i do.. i’m never going to that shop again ONLY for food and that’s it and of cause anti- grow potion i am reporting pets at home i thought it was a good shop ;( i’m so upset for my dogs they cant really go out because there so big. People would be scared and run for there lives i’m trying to get the police in this this CAN NOT HAPPEN TO OTHER PEOPLES DOGS!!!!!!!!! sad times for me ;(

    1. Mr Port Post author

      Well done, Beth! I really like the humour in this. You have definitely made me giggle and it was a pleasure to work with you on this at Meadowside today. Imagine filling all those buckets with water! Remember your capital letters at the beginning of sentences and the capital I when it is on it’s own or part of a contraction e.g. I’m not i’m and I not i. You’re awesome.

  5. Freddie Smith Y4

    I took the food off the old grimy shelf, the people that worked there said it was fine so I took it home but when I gave it to the dogs they immediately shrank to 5 inches. Then I noticed the label was fake 😠it actually said SHRINKING POTION only use if very necessary. I was NOT happy. In the time it took me to realise it wasn’t normal they had shrunk to 5 cm. They were TINY, they looked like hamsters so I quickly smashed the bottle on the wall of my house forgetting it was shrink potion…

  6. Jamie Sapsed

    Someone had a big garden, aliens invaded with a ray gun, shot the dogs and they turned to dogs the size of clouds! So the human had to use tires for the food bowls, and probably a river or a lake as a doggy bath!

  7. 🌸🐾Seren Brain

    That pesky girl Alice she has a lot to explain about these dogs and their growth spurts. When she gets back from Wonderland she will sort this out.
    The last time I saw her she said it would shrink them .

    1. Sarah Bouvier

      A great idea Seren, I like the way that you have linked the picture to the story of Alice in Wonderland!

      Do you think she deliberately ‘forgot’ to shrink them?

  8. LUCY🐴

    I thought this time I had some luck , turns out it was just another disappointment. By now I must of waisted one million litres of water and who knows how much food I have waisted ! There paws leave creators in the ground . What am I going to do ?

  9. Daisy Smith

    The human helper that Brian and his wife Mary had employed previously had decided to move out of town. Opening packets of their food and filling water bowls with their paws was much harder than they imagined. “We cant go on like this Brian, we need another human. Can you go to Mr Fisher’s People Shop and collect one this afternoon? Do not try and get one from that awful market, just because its cheap! We also need some new big bowls.” Later that day, Brian went to the market. He bought a human in a Monster Truck. The seller gave a good price and threw in the truck for free. Brian was very pleased with himself. At home, Brian showed the human to Mary. She was pleased to see the human was in good condition and got him to work straight away. “Brian, what about the bowls?” “No problem.” aid Brian as the human came outside with two tyres from his Monster Truck. But as the human filled the tyre with water, he spilt some on himself. He started glitching. He was a robot! The water had fried his mirco-chips, and he stopped working!! “Brian, where did you get this human? He is a FAKE!” “Um from the market dear………” “OH BRIAN!”

  10. Phoebe Fisher-Davis

    Brian bought two dogs but he thought they were cows . one day Brian was going to milk the cowdogs. but! there was no udders . so Brian just looked to see if they are actually cows. no! they are not cows there massive dogs . Brian whispered to himself “what should I do to make these dogs small.I know I`ll make a potion what will make the dogs small again so he did make a potion and he got the dogs to drink the potion then he watched the dogs go small again but the dogs went so small just like rats . So Brian had an idea and he had rats, so the dogs lived in the rat cage.

    1. Miss Akhurst

      Great ideas here Phoebe! I love that Brian confused the dogs for cows! I imagine a dog the size of a rat would look very funny when you took it for a walk, you’d have to be careful not to lose it! The rat cage is probably a sensible place for them in Brian’s house, otherwise they might get into a lot of mischief!

  11. Sam-Year 6

    Why did I get these two colossal dogs when I already have two smaller dogs but their food bowls are tyres. Why did I get massive dogs ?…..WAIT?! Where do they sleep ?

  12. Ethan Year 5

    As I was walking, i heard something in my head it said this ” Go to the old and rundown shop get the laser ray hat says 25463.” Soon enough i was home and whilst i was grooming my dogs a liquid poured from the sky from a strange looking ship that looked like the sign i had seen at the shop i had been to the day before. Later that day i was watching some telly when a strange sound came from the kitchen. As i rushed past i saw the shadow that huge shadow that took over the hallway. It was my dogs and they were huge. Although the dogs were huge i decided to live in the house and have my dogs sleep in the forest and now everyday they visit me on the edge of the river and i always feed them.

  13. Jack Organ

    As I was Travelling Across The world. I saw 2 Gigantic Dogs! There size Was as big as 2 rhinos on top of each other. While i was shopping getting expensive stuff i saw them again! I was thinking how could i make them lose me?? After That the dogs went asleep. I was crawling across the grass then rushed behind them. They woke up in a strange dark place then rushed out and found me again. Then we Feed them. The End.

  14. Sonny Cawdron

    I asked the man at the market for a pair of dog bowls not a pair of tractor tyres, I suppose they are the right size for them to drink and eat from out of them.

  15. Bella Y4

    WOW if I had dogs as big as that, I would be a mouse to them.THEY ARE HUMONGOUS! I am glad I don’t have dogs like that, but they are really cute. I can’t believe they have to drink out of massive tyres. Who ever takes care of those dogs must be brave because what if they got sat on by the dogs? I would probably ride them like horses and they would take ME for a walk!

  16. Sophie Richards Yr6 🙂

    This morning Brian went to the Market to buy plant food. He was very disappointed they didn’t have his usual brand. The lady recommended a new one and said, “This one works wonders on anything.” Later that day Brain was enjoying watering and feeding his plants, when suddenly the doorbell rang. He ran to the door excitedly as his order of dog treats had finally arrived. As he walked back out into the garden, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was completely shocked to see his dogs were now as big as giants! Hmmmm that’s the last time I buy anything from that lady, he thought. “I’m going to need a bigger bag of dog treats”, he said.

  17. Chloe (Year 1)

    When Brian bought the dogs from the shop they were medium size. After a week the dogs began to grow! They grew and they grew and they grew until they were each the size of an elephant.
    ‘I can’t live with massive dogs, they are too big to even fit in the house’, said Brian. ‘I have an idea!’
    Brian made a shrinking potion so the dogs would go back to normal.
    The shrinking potion worked and they returned to normal size.
    The End.

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