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Reception: This is always driven by the children’s interests!

Years 1 and 2: Science and nature, Monsters, History of The United Kingdom, Toys (materials), Pirates, What makes Britain Great?

Years 3 and 4: Human body, Light, Natural disasters, Local environment, Anglo-Saxons, The Stoneage, Art, Magnets and Forces, Romans.

Years 5 and 6: Superheroes, Rainforests, Vikings, Space, Healthly lifestyles, Shakespeare, The Greeks. Here‘s an example of homework that one of our awesome year sixes put together for our space topic.

You can see that each year group covers a different topic each term. Topics are named using more exciting vocabulary but this page is for your information! The topics are designed to meet objectives from the National Curriculum. Wherever possible, teachers and children will plan ideas for maths and English around their topic subject. This means Meadowside has a rich, varied and interesting curriculum!

The Meadowside Family Needs YOU!

If you are able to help with any of the topics, please contact the class teacher or call the school office on 01452 721767. You may have resources (you count as well!) to help the children with their learning. You may know someone who works in a museum, have a book on Ancient Egypt, know a lot about our local area or  you may work in transport or an emergency service.

All these would make the learning at Meadowside even more exciting.
So look at your child’s year group and see what you can offer!