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Times Table Rockstars (TTR) is one of the most valuable resource a child can use at home. It is aimed for children in years 2 – 6 and is available through a web browser, the App Store or Play Store.

Purple Mash is an excellent website that we regularly use at school. Children can login at home (providing they can remember their password!).

The Daily 10 is a great activity to use across the primary age range.

The 21-facts are on display around our school. They are the most challenging times tables with examples of associated division facts. From 2020, all children in year 4 will be tested up to their 12 times tables. Get some practice in now!

YouTube is a great resource for learning both in and out of school. We always use it with caution and we recommend you share the browsing experience with your child, to help keep them safe online at home.

Numberblocks is a fabulous resource by the BBC and an example episode can be found here:

Sometimes we use YouTube to help children remember times tables. Here’s a fun example:

Equivalent fractions.

Reception/Key stage 1 Specific

The count on website is useful for key skills that need to be reinforced at home.

Cbeebies has a wealth of school-related learning

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Fraction Fiddle

Matching cake fractions. Delicious but not edible!

Key stage 2 Specific

This website is used frequently at school and is a very useful one to share at home with your children.

Woodlands junior provide excellent maths games to keep the fundamentals ticking along!

Maths Frame is another useful website that is used at school.

Top Marks holds a variety of games including one of our favourites, Hit the Button.

Fraction Monkeys is a simple but effective way of reinforcing fractions of the same value. It can also be downloaded as an app.