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family | Thera TrustWelcome to our Family Learning page, where you may like to link up learning with those of you who have more than one child at home. You may like to follow some of our suggestions for activities both inside and outside.

Over time, we will add to this page to bring you a whole library full of amazing activities and resources.

If you haven’y already done so, you may like to create yourselves a daily visual timetable with the use of these symbols. Many families have mentioned the need for routine and structure to their day and this may just help you . Your children are used to these in their classrooms so may actually give them some comfort. It even has Joe Wicks’ workout! If you have a printer you can simply print and cut out. If not you may like to add this to your activity schedule and draw you own!

Visual Timetable

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Have a think about starting your day at home with a good workout. 9am everyday this is proving a big hit (and I am aching-ouch)! This sets you up for the day and gives you a clear purpose. Also it is proven that activity first thing gets the brain ready to receive information coming their way. We are going to get to know Joe very well!


Our local postman has been setting the children to challenges. He has loved seeing so many rainbows whilst doing his rounds. He has asked for pictures to brighten his day in the windows. So far he has challenged children to draw a picture of a royal mail van and indeed what we think his house might look like. So have a go and see if your postperson enjoys your works of art. Maybe leave a big thankyou message for them too? It might just make them walk around with a huge smile all day long.

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If your children are confused and you need a child friendly story to explain the current situation, try sharing this one. Can they find the rhyming words? Or draw their own illustrations? 

What’s going on?

Bug hunt. It is a perfect time of year for a bug hunt as the weather becomes slightly better! The Woodland Trust has released a really good resource which contains a checklist as well. Happy hunting! 

Bug Hunt

Cooking as a family is a really rewarding experience. It can get messy (that’s okay!) but there is something at the end that everyone can enjoy. We know some items are really tricky to get hold of so we will adapt our resources over the weeks. 

BBC recipes for children 

BBC Family and Kids recipes 

BBC cake recipes for children

Jamie Oliver is releasing daily cooking lessons using simple ingredients. 

There are some great creative activities on offer from well known personalities.  If you are feeling energetic, why not join Oti Mabusse’s dance class.  We enjoyed the Mary Poppins dance, but there are others including Shrek and The Jungle Book. 

Mylene Klass is offering short music lessons.  Learn basic rhythms, how to ‘play your name’ and find out the difference between major and minor keys.

In fact I think your day may be very full if you did all these ‘celebrity classes on this timetable below. Maybe mix and match over this next week?

free celebrity classes timetable 


There’s a tiger on Mr Port’s sofa! If you Google a well-known animal and scroll a short way down the page, you’ll see an option to see it in 3D. You’ll need to enable it to access your media and camera for it to appear in your home or garden. Have fun! 

So as well as creating a zoo in your house, why not visit a real zoo or museum virtually. As we can’t drive there, you can have your own tour from the sofa. museum, zoo, aquarium visits

30 Day Lego Challenge

Get creative; get building!

Lego is so popular, it can't keep up with demand - The Verge

A daily English lesson, delivered by Pie Corbett and Deputy Mitchell. We use the resources and ideas developed by this duo at Meadowside frequently. They are amazing! 



Nessy is another great site that will keep English skills progressive and fun is offering free resources and online games for the whole family aimed at children between 5-12 years so perfect for children here at Meadowside. Why not sign up and make literacy really enjoyable!

Nessy Virtual School

Try to build into your daily routine some down time and work on social and emotional skills. Take care of yourself as well as your child. Give yourself permission and time to do the things that help you feel relaxed and happy when your child is safe and settled. If this is some screen time, why not revisit one of your own childhood classic films that ignites some joyful memories. Introduce it to your family and enjoy the conversations that may follow. There will be interesting points of discussion as we found in the recent Oliver showing, ‘What does that mean?’ after hearing some historical vocabulary.

So grab the popcorn and snuggle down!

Classic Childrens Films Swallows And Amazons/The Railway Children ...